Takeover of Voyager by Binance US: American justice appeals

A billion dollar story – This is the sum promised by Binance US for the acquisition of the assets of Voyager. While Michael Wiles, the attorney for the Southern District of New York, due to lack of evidence against Binance US, agreed to this takeoverwe learn this morning that theUS Department of Justice (DOJ) decided to appeal of the US court’s decision.


Binance US and Voyager: the impossible redemption?

let’s remember that Binance has been in the spotlight in recent months due to regulatory compliance issues and his potential involvement in illegal money laundering activities. Thus, under the yoke of various American regulators including especially the SECthe platform of Changpeng Zhao saw his Heckled BUSD. In this context, theacquisition of Voyager by Binance US raised concerns about corporate regulation.

Binance US must face US regulation again: the DoJ refuses the acquisition of Voyager
Already targeted by the SEC, the takeover of Voyager by Binance raises eyebrows

In fact, by appealing, the DOJ is concerned over there investor securitya concern shared, despite their disagreement, with the prosecutor Michael Wiles, who had accepted this buyout to help the victimswho have been waiting for their reimbursement for several months now.

Somewhat shaken by this affair across the Atlantic and by a regulation that continues to lead the assaults, Binance and Binance US do not admit defeat for all that. Quite the contrary. In the middle of the crypto winter, the exchange even confirmed massive hiring, despite the storm around its stablecoin. Case to follow.

Binance has now reached a sufficient critical size to be able to return blow after blow in this kind of skirmish against the backdrop of crypto regulation. To register on the exchange and form your own opinion, it’s this way. You will save 10% on your trading fees by following this link (trading link).

Last Verdict

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