TF1 REPORT – War in Ukraine: these babies who continue to be born under the bombs

Canadian twins born at 22 weeks are world's largest premature babies

Canadian twins born at 22 weeks are worlds largest premature

Kherson is a liberated city, but it is mostly a ghost town. Since the withdrawal of the Russians, only a few dozen births have been registered here. Families like those of Tatiana, there are hardly any left. “For years, we will no longer be able to go into the forest, because everything is mined. Going to the hospital is dangerous, finding a doctor is difficult. And impossible to get a job, there are no more“, laments the young mother.

600 kilometers away, in kyiv, some come to observe the Russian tanks, neutralized and exposed like trophies. Others deliver to a nitrogen clinic, which will make it possible to preserve the sperm of dozens of soldiers preparing to return to the front, and who therefore go to this laboratory before taking up arms again.

Some women for love absolutely want a baby with their partner. But if tomorrow they go to war if a missile falls on them and their companion dies, for all these reasons, many men hurry to make their arrangements by coming here“, explains Kristina Bohzok, a doctor in Ukraine.

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