The 10 cheapest destinations for students

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Want to explore new horizons? To travel is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy! In many countries, it is possible to live easily for less than 20 € per day.

If in some countries you can barely live on €100 a day, in others, with the same budget, you can have a villa with 2 bedrooms, a private swimming pool, do activities, go to gourmet restaurants, etc. .

Here are the 10 cheapest destinations for a student.

The cheapest destinations to travel in Europe


Greece, a magnificent country for unforgettable holidays: beaches with turquoise water, paradisiacal islands, breathtaking landscapes…

It is often referred to as the cradle of Europe, due to its steep history with extremely well-preserved traces. Greece is a historical heritage, beautiful archaeological sites and an urban planning that will surprise you.

For a cheap trip to Europe, Greece, this corner of paradise, is THE destination!

To visit Greece is to discover a culinary world. Greek cuisine is colorful and varied. An exquisite Mediterranean gastronomy based on fresh local products: fruit, vegetables, yogurt… and fish. What could be more natural for a country open to the sea!

There is an oriental influence in Greek cuisine, especially in the blends of flavors and spices.

Simple, warm and very hospitable, the locals are very friendly in Greece and many activities are free for students!

Your stay in Greece will cost you around $60 per day.

A pint of beer costs $4.90 and a burger costs $4.65.

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Hungary, a magnificent country on the beautiful blue Danube!

A trip to Hungary is an opportunity to discover a nature that is still intact but also a capital bursting with life. You can relax in the local baths and taste the 400 local mineral waters!

The cost of living in Hungary is 44% cheaper than in France.

  • In Hungary, the average price of a pint of beer is €1.17
  • The average price of a meal in a cheap restaurant is €5.52
  • The average price of a taxi ride is €2.15 + €0.92/km
  • The average price of a double room in a 3* hotel is €60 per night
  • The price of a return flight from France: 17 € return

Budapest, the capital of Hungary

Located on the Danube, Budapest is one of the most beautiful European capitals.

Warm and full of energy, the pearl of the Danube has a lot to offer!

Cultural and very lively, Budapest is the ideal destination for a cheap trip.

To taste appetizing and delicious pastries, stop by Gerbeaud’s.

You can also try the traditional Hungarian pastry kürtőskalács at kávéház, a traditional café!

To enjoy the greenery, go to Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. Located in Transdanubia, an hour and a half from Budapest by train, Lake Balaton is a popular destination for those looking to escape the heat of the city. Here, a panoply of activities are available to you: you can go hiking, windsurfing, taste wines from the vineyards of the Badacsony hills and many others.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain is undoubtedly one of the best destinations, especially for its festive summers and its impressive cultural heritage. With lively cities and extraordinary landscapes, a stay in this country is necessarily a good idea!

Dynamic and charming cultural cities like Barcelona are ideal destinations for a good, inexpensive holiday.

You can eat on the terrace at the restaurant while enjoying the sun. The Alsur Café, opposite the Palace of Music in Plaza de Sant Cugat offers delicious tapas and mojitos at reasonable prices.

The Xampanyeria is another must-visit address, famous for its typical Spanish tapas.

Located at Carrer dels Codols, 29, Le Polaroïd Bar is a bar with an 80’s atmosphere and totally cult cocktails! The decor is surprising and very nice! Most cocktails are €6.

Price examples:

  • €2.10 a metro ticket
  • 0.90€ per beer
  • 11€ the meal

The average budget per day and per person for a stay in Barcelona with accommodation, food, transport, activities and visits is around 70€. You can reduce costs if you opt for a campsite or a small hotel.

You can go to Spain by car, low cost plane or train depending on the prices.


In Bulgaria, the Golden Sands located on the shores of the Black Sea are transformed in summer into an open-air discotheque, or almost.

Young people are attracted by the ultra-attractive prices of the clubs on the beach: €1 entry and drink packages limited to €7.50 for 2 hours.

From Varna airport, you can access the airport for less than 200€ per ticket in the middle of summer.

The cheapest destinations to travel to in Asia


Country of diversity, mysteries and mysticism. A destination you will love!

This distant country with an authentic cultural heritage is surrounded by enigmas and myths.

The crowd, the contrasts, the scents, the colors, the sounds, the inhabitants, the warmth: all the senses are stimulated… India is an exceptionally harsh country where sometimes completely opposite worlds rub shoulders.

The cost of living in India is considerably lower than in France. A stay in India will cost you around €18 per day.


Paradise white sand beaches, magnificent snorkeling sites, superb surfing spots… Indonesia is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

The volcanoes of Java, the Gili Islands, the rice fields of Bali, the orangutans of Sumatra… so many beautiful things to discover in this extraordinary country!

Indonesia is, to date, one of the cheapest countries.

A trip to Indonesia will cost you around €25 per day.

You will find really superb accommodations for not very expensive and it is also valid for transport and food.

You can rent a private room in a villa with a pool for less than €20/night.

By the sea, you can enjoy fish and seafood for less than €3.

And for even less than €3, you can rent a scooter for a whole day.

On the other hand, alcohol is expensive in Indonesia. A pack of 6 poor quality beers costs on average around twenty euros.

Local beer is cheaper. It takes between 1 and 2 € for Bintang beer in bars and restaurants.

The Philippines

With its 7000 islands with heavenly beaches, the Philippines has everything to make you dream!

Sun in an exotic place, the country offers an idyllic setting.

There are the most beautiful dive sites in the world, rice terraces with breathtaking views, not to mention the famous Chocolate Hills.

Do you like surfing? The Philippines is THE ideal destination.

The daily budget per person including accommodation, food, travel and activities is around 23 Euros.

The cheapest destinations to travel to in Latin America


Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in South America.

For accommodation, it takes an average of 6 to 8 euros for a bed in a dormitory and less than 15 euros for a basic room for two people.

As for street food, you can eat well for 2 euros. For a few euros more you can have the menu of the day or a classic meal with rice, fries, pasta and chicken.

For travel, it is necessary to count between 10 and 15 euros for long distances.

To go down the road of death by bike, it takes about 50 €.

If you want to climb a mountain at 6000 meters, you have to plan a few hundred euros for several days.

You can also go local hiking. Consider visiting the Potosí mine and hiking around Sucre.

These basic activities will cost you less than €15.

The Salar de Uyuni and South Lipez are Bolivia’s top attractions for just under €20 a day with a guide in Spanish.


The empire of the sun, the kingdom of the Incas, Peru is still today a land of mystery and legends.

Traveling to Peru means discovering thousand-year-old temples, ancient cities and a people with ancestral traditions.

To go to Peru is to travel back in time and discover an extraordinary country: the landscapes are magnificent and varied: ocean, mountain range, arid steppes and Amazonian forest.

A trip to Peru will cost you around €22.90/day.

Discover Peru, you will not be disappointed!


If you want to take a cheap trip to Central America, go to Honduras!

Less known than its neighbors Belize or Costa Rica, Honduras allows its visitors to live for less than €20 a day.

Apart from the Maya site of Copan, Honduras is a country still little known off the beaten track but with a lot to offer: breathtaking landscapes, white sand beaches worthy of those of the Maldives and diving spots have nothing to envy those of the Red Sea.

On the Bahia tourist islands, prices are surprisingly low. Diving enthusiasts will find what they are looking for on the cheap. You can even swim with whale sharks!

If you want to pass your PADI, some clubs offer accommodation with it!

You can also visit Puerto Cortes, one of the liveliest cities with a port famous for its banana trade and its colonial buildings.

Go to La Casa de Sandwich café: for less than €2, you can get the traditional Honduran baguette for a picnic in Parque Central.

For a stay in Honduras, it is necessary to count 16€ / day, a daily budget per person which includes accommodation, food, travel and activities.

Our bonus tip

Before you leave, remember to take out a travel insurance HEYME world pass type. This includes a set of guarantees to cover you against the consequences of incidents that may occur during your stay abroad.

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