The anxiety attack: the real solutions

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What is an anxiety attack?

An anxiety attack or panic attack is a manifestation of anxiety disorders that lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. This manifestation takes the form of intense fear with a sense of impending danger accompanied by disturbing physical symptoms.

This disorder, although minor, can be very disabling since the state of anxiety feeds on itself. The typical pattern is as follows:

1- I feel weird or I feel something unusual in my body.

2- These symptoms that I don’t understand scare me.

3- I’m starting to worry.

4- Anxiety produces symptoms identical to those felt in the face of real danger.

5- I am more and more afraid.

You understood the diagram is: symptoms – anxiety – symptoms – anxiety

Before going further, you should know that no one has ever died of an anxiety attack and that it always ends up passing.

The solution to this problem may seem completely counterproductive, but it is the most effective known to date!

We will guide you and help you succeed in not fighting against the anxiety attack and in taming the beast!

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Why not fight against the anxiety attack?

1- The more you try not to think about something the more you think about it. Try not to think of an orange for example. Ah! ah! ah! ah! What have you done ? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal! So for starters if you feel the panic attack coming, don’t try not to think about it. When you fight against the crisis you create in your brain 2 opposite states. “State 1: AAAAAHHHHH it’s panic. “State 2: But no, stop it’s nothing! Your brain will therefore interpret this situation as a conflict and produce the same symptoms as those it would produce in the face of real danger: confusion, palpitations, difficulty breathing, sweating… The solution here is to let your brain say that it is not Don’t go, they’re just thoughts, neither good nor bad, they’re there to tell you something, you have to listen to them.

2- You think the panic attack is bad or harmful. The panic attack is not bad, it is the best way your brain has found to sound the alarm. In sensitive people, this alarm is triggered at the slightest smoke. It does not mean that something serious is there. It’s not fire in the forest but maybe you will have to readjust your lifestyle habits to correct the situation.

3- The panic attack does not reveal anything negative about you! It’s just a feeling, it does not mean that you are useless or unable to manage or that you are in a situation of failure. On the contrary ! We do not control the negative thoughts that trigger the crisis and sometimes the sensations even come before the thoughts! So how can something you don’t control be your fault? The anxiety attack is not a punishment, it is a warning that you must welcome and accept to change what is wrong in your life.

4- Often we also fight against anxiety because we are afraid of what others will think of us. But as we just said, it’s absolutely not your fault if you feel like that. Would you be afraid of being judged if you broke your leg, for example? Nope ! If people are judging you, maybe they’re just misinformed.

Ok, we don’t fight against the anxiety attack but what do we do?

1- We must begin by breaking the vicious circle: symptoms-anxiety-symptoms-anxiety. It is therefore necessary to stop the process before you start to worry. As soon as you start to feel the crisis coming, talk to yourself and reassure yourself. It’s just a feeling, neither good nor bad, it’s just there, it doesn’t mean you any harm, it doesn’t mean anything about you and it always passes. Repeat these words to yourself like a mantra until the crisis passes.

2- Then try to identify the origin of the symptoms. Often an anxiety attack comes to tell us stop! So pay attention to your lifestyle. Junk food or excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol can lead to a state of anxiety. Get yourself diagnosed by a specialist anyway, sometimes anxiety can hide more serious pathologies.

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3- Take care of your health with food supplements such as marine magnesium and vitamin B6, essential oils or herbal teas. It goes without saying that you don’t take anything without first consulting a health professional. Certain so-called anti-anxiety sound frequencies are available on Youtube and can calm a person in a state of anxiety for a moment. Finally, therapies such as hypnosis, acupuncture, TCC or EMDR can help overcome anxiety episodes.

What to do with someone having a panic attack?

1- Reassure her by speaking little, slowly, in a calm and composed voice, saying sentences like: Don’t worry, it’ll pass, everything will be fine, I’m here with you…

2- Let the person get into the position they want, sitting or lying down, even on the floor.

3- Offer to hold her hand if she wishes. Do not hug someone who is having an anxiety attack, they already feel like they are suffocating.

4- Stay close to the person with kindness and without judgment.

5- Once the crisis is over, the person is tired, it is necessary to resume the course of things, slowly. Never force her to do things she doesn’t want to or doesn’t feel able to do at the moment (even if it seems like the best solution to you).

Good luck to all those who are struggling with anxiety, you are not alone.

1 in 3 people have experienced or will experience an anxiety attack in their lifetime.

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