The benefits of laughter

HEYME wellness package

Joy, gaiety, optimism, happiness, humour, satisfaction… so many positive emotions that are part of our daily lives and that we express through laughter.

Laughter allows you to release anxiety, reduce stress, experience positive emotions, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain… So create opportunities to laugh every day, practice self-mockery and have fun quirks of life.

1 minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation!

Laughter allows you to release stress

In the brain, laughter promotes the creation of endorphins, which reduces the production of adrenaline generated by stress. These hormones have an antidepressant and anxiolytic effect and therefore influence our mood and make us happy.

When we laugh, our body also releases dopamine, the “happiness molecule”, which contributes to feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Among other things, laughing allows you to relax your muscles, oxygenate your brain, regulate your breathing and therefore easily release tension to better relax.

So don’t deprive yourself of it!

HEYME wellness package

The benefits of laughter on the immune system

Do you want to be in great shape? Do you already adopt a balanced diet and practice sports? Laugh and smile as much as you can and you’ll put the odds on your side!

Positive emotions influence morale, mood and energize you. Combining positive emotions and laughter will strengthen your immune system.

When we laugh, the level of antibodies present in our body increases. We would therefore be less susceptible to diseases and infections. This general strengthening allows us to better resist diseases.

So what are you waiting for to fill your daily quota of fun?

The physical health benefits of laughter

A good sense of humor would improve blood circulation, oxygenate the heart and therefore prevent the risk of disease.

When we laugh, the respiratory exchanges are more and more important and this is how the oxygen reserves are built up. Blood oxygenation has a positive impact on excess cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, lung infections and headaches.

Laughter contributes to the regulation of intestinal transit, the contraction of the stomach and intestines and promotes the improvement of the digestion process.

So many reasons to give you a daily giggle!

Laughter lessens the pain

Laughter also reduces pain by acting a bit like morphine on the body. Indeed, laughter increases the secretion of anti-inflammatories with antidepressant properties and catecholamines which act like a natural morphine. The interventions of clowns in hospitals in order to distract the sick is proof of this.

Laughter, creator of social bonds

Laughter facilitates human relationships by bringing people together, whether in the family, at work or in society. It creates social ties and strengthens friendly, family and professional relationships.

Laughter reduces aggressiveness and de-dramatizes conflict situations in a stressful environment.

It greatly contributes to increasing the stability of the couple and promotes good romantic encounters.

Laughter improves well-being through the sense of togetherness and humor it creates.

The HEYME wellness package

With the Wellness Pack, HEYME gives you a boost to help you take care of yourself!

Because sport, alternative medicine, nutrition, dietetics, psychological listening and prevention are essential for well-being, HEYME takes care of you physically and mentally by reimbursing you €150 of packages for only €4.5 /month.

Sports package

A key player in health and well-being among young people, HEYME reimburses your sporting activity up to a maximum of €30/year for membership of:

  • A sports club
  • A sports association
  • A gym
  • A sporting event

Alternative medicine package

Because the health and well-being of young people are among its priorities, HEYME offers an alternative medicine package for a consultation in osteopathy, sophrology, acupuncture, kinesiology, therapeutic hypnosis, chiropractic or etiopathy and a psychological consultation package for €40/year, limited to 2 consultations of €20/year each.

Health and well-being prevention package up to €80 per year

Aware that the daily life of young people goes far beyond medical appointments, HEYME offers you the health and well-being prevention package up to 80€/year. This package includes:

  • the package helps to quit smoking: nicotine substitute, patch, gum, lozenge up to €30/year;
  • the parapharmacy body care package: massage oil, clay, tape, strapping… up to €20/year;
  • the dietary and nutritional package, innovative coaching with OVIVA: 1 teleconsultation and 2 weeks of ultra-personalized follow-up up to €30/year.

Your well-being with the health pack at only €4.5/month!

👉 HEYME wellness package

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