The benefits of loneliness

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Some seek it, others flee it. Loneliness with a bad reputation.

It is generally associated with exclusion and isolation and therefore with ill-being. If suffered, loneliness can be destructive, but when it is desired, it becomes a source of creativity, enrichment and personal fulfillment. In adolescence, it is also an integral part of the construction process.

Solitude and not isolation

Loneliness from the Latin solus “alone” means the fact, neutral and objective, of being alone. Isolation, on the other hand, adds a feeling of suffering.

It is important to distinguish between the two notions “I am alone” and “I feel alone” and to understand that loneliness is both objective and subjective. You can feel alone when you are surrounded by a crowd and on the contrary feel connected to the world when you are alone… It’s all a question of feelings and the desire for solitude.

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Let go of the outside world and let your thoughts go

After spending time surrounded by loved ones, it is completely normal to feel the need to be alone to be with yourself.

Because in an ultra-connected world that floods us minute by minute with sometimes contradictory information, there is not enough time to think for ourselves, analyze and have a critical look at what surrounds us. We need time and silence to bring out a reasoned and argued thought. Loneliness is a privileged moment to go after a reasoning and an idea. With the millions of tweets, text messages and emails sent around the world every second, and this new need for immediacy, our attention span is increasingly limited. The more we are connected to others, the more we lose this connection with ourselves.

Agreeing to moments just for yourself is to experience separation while remaining serene, since we know it to be temporary.

Letting go of the outside world to connect with your desires, dreams, imagination and creativity. Leave room for emotions that you don’t allow yourself to express in public: sadness, anger, blues… To get to know yourself better and finally open up to others.

Find yourself and build your identity

In the process of construction, confronting oneself is precious for living serenely and finding the keys to one’s happiness. This is the time to dialogue and listen to the different parts of oneself. Reflect on who you are, who you want to become, visualize the path taken, to build your identity over time. It is by being alone that we discover our personal riches (our qualities, our talents, our positive emotions, etc.). The perfect time to drop the mask we wear in society.

It is important to learn to allow time alone, which will be liberating from the gaze of others to regain the freedom to be yourself. Have enough self-confidence to think for ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

When they are mastered, moments of solitude are a source of personal fulfillment and valuable for enhancing and increasing self-esteem.

Many activities can be done alone: ​​reading, drawing, cooking or even writing.

This is how we achieve true serenity and maturity.

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