The chicha you know what?

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The shisha, also called “hookah”, “narghile”, “chilam” or “hooka” is a water pipe of various sizes that allows you to smoke tobacco.

In the West, its use is on the rise, especially among young people, and in recent years, this fashion phenomenon has been gaining more and more momentum since we are witnessing an expansion of shisha bars. Use, misconceptions and dangers. Decryption.

Shisha: what is it?

Originating in the Middle East, the shisha consists of several parts: a chimney, a hearth (an upper bowl), a tray that serves as an ashtray, a vase (a water tank), a pipe and a pipe.

The fireplace is made up of tabamel. It is a mixture of tobacco up to 30% and molasses up to 70%.

Molasses is a syrupy liquid that contains 50% sugar and fruit pulp which give the shisha smoke a flavor and fruity aromas: apple, mint, strawberry, apricot, banana, coconut, cappuccino, cola…

Misconceptions about the dangers of shisha?

  • Shisha is more natural than cigarettes
  • Shisha smoke is less harmful than cigarettes
  • It is not possible to develop a hookah addiction as there is no nicotine

All these ideas are completely false, the reality is very different!

HEYME wellness package

Shisha, the real dangers

According to the National Cancer Institute, the fumes of organic substances from shisha release about 4,000 chemical compounds when they burn.

You should know that by smoking shisha, you expose yourself to 125 times more smoke, 25 times more tar and 10 times more carbon monoxide than in a single cigarette.

A hookah session where the inhalation is longer and deeper is like smoking the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

The toxic substances of shisha

Tar : The combustion of coal, molasses and tobacco produces tar. The amount of this tar is much higher in chicha than in cigarettes since the amount of tobacco used is much greater.

Monoxide carbon (CO) : Burning tar also generates carbon monoxide (CO), a very toxic gas. The amount of carbon monoxide inhaled during a shisha is equivalent to the consumption of two packs of cigarettes.

Nicotine and shisha smoke : Nicotine remains partly stored in the water of the vase, but shisha smokers inhale more smoke than that inhaled when smoking a cigarette. We are about twice as much nicotine compared to a single cigarette. 74 liters of smoke are inhaled per shisha against 0.6 for a cigarette.

The tobacco : In the shisha bowl, there are 10 to 20 g of tobacco compared to 1 g in a cigarette. In shisha smoke, there are hydrocarbons as well as heavy metals whose content of lead, chromium, nickel, arsenic, beryllium, cobalt… is higher than that found in cigarette smoke. These hydrocarbons and heavy metals come from tobacco, coal, molasses and also aluminum foil.

Only 3% of heavy metals remain in the hookah water. 97% of these metals are in the smoke you inhale. A chicha lasting an average of one hour is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Shisha therefore contains the same highly toxic substances, which promote the appearance of diseases in cigarette smokers, but in greater quantities.

Shisha, a practice with serious consequences

The shisha smoker whose consumption is regular risks the same diseases as a cigarette smoker, namely:

  • Lung diseases (bronchopneumopathies, chronic bronchitis, etc.);
  • Cardiovascular diseases or strokes (cerebrovascular accident);
  • Cancers including cancer of the lung, throat, lips, bladder and upper aero-digestive tract;
  • An heartstroke.

The chicha also exposes the smoker to the risk of bacterial or viral contagion such as hepatitis or tuberculosis because it is an instrument used by several people who smoke on the same mouthpiece consecutively and repeatedly.

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