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How many times have we heard or read: “She looked for it!”, “Given what she was wearing, it was well made for her…”, so many remarks which aim to clear certain inadmissible acts .

The effervescence of the hashtags “#MeToo” or “#BalanceTonPorc” has made it possible to redefine the boundaries of acceptance and acceptability.

The consent: definition

Broadly speaking, consent can be defined as follows: it is giving permission voluntarily, without opposition, for the purpose of performing an act or undertaking a project.

From a sexual point of view, consent refers to the fact of engaging voluntarily and without any constraint in a sexual activity in the company of one or more people.

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Consent, no room for doubts

Each person acts according to their free will and can therefore accept, refuse or put an end to any practice or sexual act.

Consent must be granted without recourse to any physical or moral pressure.

There is therefore no consent when:

  • The person refuses to take part in a sexual act or to continue it with words, gestures or any other behavior
  • The person is unconscious or asleep
  • The person is drunk or drugged
  • The person is restrained by the use of physical force
  • The person is the victim of an abuse of trust, power or authority

And this is clearly highlighted by the survey carried out by the teams of HEYME: for 82% of you, not respecting the consent of a person is punishable by a prison sentence.

Opinions and opinions divided

Opinions diverge and the concept of consent remains “a gray area”, difficult to define and to perceive for many of you.

Thus and for 92% of the people questioned, the consent was respected during their first sexual intercourse.

22% said they doubted their partner’s consent during and after sex.

56% make sure their partner is consenting before and during sex.

31% of participants in our survey believe that their consent has been violated during their sex life, 61% think the opposite.

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