The delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine, a step closer to the “red line”?

The delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine, a step closer to the "red line"?

The delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine a step closer

This is the delicate line that the West tries hard not to cross in the conflict. Two weeks after the announcement of the delivery of Western tanks to Ukraine and after months of financial and military support, the “red line” that would tip kyiv’s allies into the status of co-belligerents in the conflict has been brushed against. On a European tour, Volodymyr Zelensky again demanded, in Brussels, before the European Parliament, the delivery of fighter planes “as soon as possible”to repel Russia.

If, until now, this request was opposed to the firm refusal of the German and American leaders, the British Prime Minister did not close the door to this idea, earning him a warning from the Kremlin on a “answer” from Moscow in the event of the delivery of fighter jets to kyiv. This Thursday, February 9, Emmanuel Macron was more evasive on the issue, being careful not to make an official announcement. “We must favor useful deliveries to carry out operations and resist, rather than commitments that will arrive very late”simply defended the French president from Brussels, shortly before Volodymyr Zelensky spoke.

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