The first time in France

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Trivialized or sacred, the first time nevertheless remains an unforgettable experience. Between apprehension, fears, even pressure, it is impossible to forget your first sexual relationship.

So, this first time, are we talking about it?

Sexual intercourse: definition

These are sexual activities that may or may not lead to penetration, practiced by two or more people.

According to the survey carried out by the team of HEYMEfor 72% of respondents, sexual intercourse is not synonymous with penetration, while 26% think that penetration is the very definition of sexual intercourse.

HEYME student health insurance

First time, when and with whom?

The average age of first sexual intercourse in France is 17 years old. A stable figure that has not really changed over the past decade regardless of sexual orientation.

According to the results of our survey, 81% claim to be heterosexual, 10% bisexual, 3% pansexual, 2% homosexual and 1% lesbian.

91% of respondents said they had already had sex, the age of respondents ranging from 18 to 50 years.

Concerning the sexual partner: 71% admitted that their first time was with their boyfriend(s) at the time, 12% with an acquaintance, 10% with a close friend and 6 % with a complete unknown.

A first sexual intercourse without any social pressure for 66% of respondents, against 34% with some social pressure.

A diversified practice?

New, less and less conventional sexual practices are emerging. Among the new non-standard and fashionable practices, the Chemsex.

Chemsex is the association of two words: chemical (chemicals in English) and sex. It is a term that designates sexual practices under the influence of psychotropic products, in order to intensify and prolong the pleasure they provide.

9% of people questioned during our survey revealed that they had already experienced this practice.

And the figures speak for themselves: 14% claim to have already practiced threesomes (sex with 3), 5% admit to having taken part in a sexual relationship where more than 3 people were present while 10% say they have never had sexual intercourse.

In general, sex in a duo remains the reference practice in terms of sexual relations and this was confirmed by 88% of the people who took part in our survey.

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