The “Jesus of Bitcoin” dragged to justice: the 20 million dollars of discord

An endless chasm for Bitcoin JesusRoger Wormaka Bitcoin Jesus, is the target of another lawsuit from a company included in the bankruptcy filing of Genesis. The plaintiff wants to force him to pay supposed debts relating to transactions on crypto options.

This Genesis company is claiming more than $20 million

According to a January 23 filing, GGC Internationala company based in the British Virgin Islands, linked to Genesis, has brought a lawsuit against Roger Ver for failing to settle trades in crypto options that expired on December 30.

The document indicates that the amount to be settled is “to be determined at trial”but that it cannot be less than less than $20.9 million. The complaint was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Roger Ver now has 20 days to respond to this assignment. If necessary, he will have to pay this amount.

This aggressive collection shows that Genesis and its affiliated entities are apparently exploring all options to find liquidity, after the company has filed for bankruptcy, January 20. GGC international is a firm owned by Genesis Bermuda Holdcowhich appears in the list of entities included in the bankruptcy filing.

Roger Ver faces complaints from this Genesis-linked company and CoinFLEX.
Bitcoin Jesus seems to owe a hell of a lot of money

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Bitcoin Jesus: a feeling of deja vu?

GCC international is not the only crypto company to accuse Roger Ver of being a deadbeat. On June 28 last year, the co-founder and CEO of CoinFLEX, Mark Lambmade it clear on Twitter that Roger Ver had to “US$47 million to CoinFLEX”. The CEO of the crypto exchange revealed this information five days after CoinFLEX has suspended withdrawalsevoking “extreme conditions » of the market.

Roger Ver had dismissed these allegationsgoing so far as to claim that the company would also have “debts to him”. CoinFLEX then reacted by indicating that this statement was only intended to divert attention from the responsibilities of this investor, whom the crypto exchange had nevertheless described as a “person of high integrity”some days before.

In a communicated of July 9, Mark Lamb and the other co-founder of CoinFlex, Sudhu Arumugamreported that Roger Ver’s debts to CoinFLEX ultimately amounted to $84 million, after a calculation that includes the losses relating to the liquidation of the debtor’s FLEX token positions. CoinFLEX had then started a arbitration procedure in Hong Kong to try to collect that $84 million in debt.

GGC International and CoinFLEX have therefore initiated legal proceedings to ask this Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promoter, who has criticized Bitcoin (BTC) and the Lightning networkto pay them more than $100 million.

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Last Verdict

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