The metaverse; a dream destination? redefines travel with web 3

Good luck – In recent weeks, when a company uses the term metaverse, it is without understanding what it means. It is placed in a communication because it is ” fashionable » and that it is important to talk about it if we don’t want to miss the Web3 shift, or at least the associated media sequence. But the tour operator seems to have really understood what the metaverse can be used for and would like to use it as a tool to help its users choose a destination.

This is what the travel platform seems to offer. Indeed, the company has posed the question see you
of 24,000 of its usersin 32 countries different. Could the metaverse help you define your next travel destination. The answer was overwhelmingly “yes”.

The idea would therefore be to offer future travelers a universe in which they could discover the most popular vacation spots. Are you hesitating between going to Tahiti or the Seychelles? No problem !
Put on your VR headsetor take your computer, and connect to Booking. Thanks to the metaverse, you will be able to browse the most famous places of these two destinations, in order to form an opinion on what you might like, or not. Beaches, museums, hotels, everything would be accessible in order to be able to explore the environment.

The metaverse: the future of travel?

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Near 20% of respondents indicate that they would be willing to discover new places, provided they had been able to test them before in the metaverse. It thus turns out that 35% of people who responded indicate that they are ready to spend several days in the virtual world before setting off for the real destination.

Nevertheless, 60% of respondents remain lucid and believe that the virtual experience is absolutely not comparable to a physical presence in the chosen places.

The metaverse experience would therefore be a very good tool to get an overall idea of ​​the destination, in order to help define the details of the trip. It would make it possible to compare, to visit some points of interest and would serve as a decision-making aid, for a successful trip. Is it a future (real) use, or an announcement effect, as for the NFTs of brands that never really see the light of day? Case to follow!

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