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Whether for a furnished or unfurnished rental of student accommodation, the landlord has the right to ask you for a rental deposit. Here’s what you need to know.

Security deposit VS security deposit

The bond is often confused with the security deposit. However, the two terms refer to two distinct concepts.

The security deposit corresponds to the amount collected by the tenant, to cover any rental repairs set by law, in particular:

  • Small upholstery or paint patches
  • Replacement of electrical switches or outlets
  • Cleaning of lime deposits among others.

The deposit during the rental designates, for its part, the payment guarantee according to which your guarantor undertakes to pay the landlord the sum of the unpaid rents, if you are unable to pay.

The guarantor can be a natural person (a cousin, an uncle, a friend…), or a legal person (a bank, an association or a company).

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How do I find a guarantor for a rental deposit?

If you do not have a guarantor (natural person) to guarantee you, several other organizations can help you. Here are a few:


It is a rental guarantee which settles, in your place, up to 36 unpaid rents during the first 3 years, in the event of temporary difficulty. In return, you have to pay a monthly contribution of around 1.5% of the rent.

This housing aid concerns young people between the ages of 18 and 30 regardless of their professional situation (students, employees or unemployed), housed in private housing, student residences, social housing… Provided they do not exceed the maximum threshold of rental charges i.e. 1300€ (1500€ in Ile de France).

The Visale deposit is also available to new employees (hired for less than 6 months), over 30 years old, looking for accommodation in the private sector.

The request is made directly on the site of the Visale.

Loca-Pass: for social housing tenants

Thanks to the Loca-Pass, you can benefit from a loan at zero interest, within the limit of 1200 euros maximum, to advance the security deposit to the owner.

Loca-Pass can also act as guarantor and ensure the payment of rent and charges in the event of financial concerns. In return, you must undertake to reimburse the costs advanced over a maximum period of 25 months (with a deferral of 3 months).

If you are eligible, you will be entitled either to the two LOCA-PASS aids (guarantee and advance) or only to the LOCA-PASS ADVANCE.

  • To benefit from it: all you have to do is fill in a request to the CROUS.
  • For more info, visit: Aidology

The Family Allowance Fund

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) can also help you if you have difficulty paying rent, and act as guarantor.

CAF housing assistance can take different forms:

  • Interest-free loan of €1400 for housing in the private sector,
  • Interest-free loan of €700 for housing in the public sector;
  • Non-refundable aid of €700 (if the family quotient is less than or equal to €620)

The banks

The bank guarantee consists of blocking 1 to 2 years of rent on an account, as a guarantee during the rental period. The bank thus acts as guarantor and asks you for a sum as a guarantee.

This solution has several constraints, so it is advisable to use it as a last resort.

Rental deposit deadline

The guarantee periods differ from one guarantor to another. The period of the Loca-Pass deposit, for example, is set at 3 years.

What should a surety bond include?

The security deed must include all the information relating to the tenant, the owner and the accommodation occupied, i.e.:

  • The names of the tenant and the owner;
  • The amount of rent;
  • The address of the accommodation;
  • The commitment period of the surety;
  • The bond limit.

Simple surety and joint and several surety

In the case of a simple surety, in the event of non-payment by the tenant, the lessor can only turn against the surety after requiring the tenant to pay his rental debts. He will therefore start by initiating a procedure with the tenant.

In the case of a joint surety, the lessor has the right to go directly to the surety from the first unpaid rent, regardless of whether the tenant is insolvent or not.

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