The rules to follow in shared accommodation

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As in “Friends”, you want live with a roommate and pay less rent? Come and live this experience in joy and good humor, we make you discover THE good practices.

The colocation lease

In colocation, the lease can take two forms: the unique lease agreement between the landlord and all joint tenants Where the specific lease contract signed by each roommate.

  • Single lease: a contract for everyone

In the case of a single lease, a single contract is signed by all the joint tenants who will have all the same rights and the same duties.

  • Individual leases: as many leases as tenants

In this form of contract, each roommate has their own lease. There will therefore be as many leases as roommates.

The area required

Since the release of Elan Law, the minimum living area of ​​a roommate is 9 m² or in volume, 20 m3for individual or multiple leases.

For joint leases, the minimum area required for the dwelling is:

  • For two people : 16m²
  • For three people : 25 m²
  • For four persons : 34 m²

home insurance

In order to protect yourself against possible claims, it is mandatory to take out a student housing insurance is mandatory in shared accommodation It will therefore be necessary to take out insurance against rental risks, namely, fire, water damage, glass breakage, etc.

In addition to these basic guarantees, the ideal is to take out housing insurance which covers, for example, burglary, property and electrical damage…

See : home insurance for shared students

The rules of community life

A successful roommate is based on respect and good organization. So that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare, there are a few small rules to follow.

You are about to choose a person with whom you will live H24, so consider meeting your future roommate in advance to discuss your lifestyles, your preferences and your ways of living and see if it matches.

  • Good accounts make good roommates

To avoid problems, pay your share of the rent, water and electricity on time. If you encounter difficulties, let your roommates know as soon as possible to find the right solutions together.

  • Set up a household chores schedule

Household chores are a real chore for everyone! A schedule dedicated which allows to know who must do what, will allow to keep the roommate nickel all week.

  • Respect the rhythm of life of the other!

Mutual respect is the golden rule for living in the roommate of happiness. It is very important to respect everyone’s sleep, space and privacy.

Avoid organizing parties if your roommate has an exam to prepare. Remember to knock on the door of his room before entering, and avoid going there when he is not there.

Ideally, write a roommate pact, to set up general operating rules. It may contain the rules of procedure, the common charges (rent, tax, electricity and water expenses, etc.), the conditions and changes in the event of the departure and/or arrival of a new roommate, etc.

Home insurance by HEYME

From €34/year, HEYME offers home insurance with useful guarantees for complete coverage.

The price varies according to the type of accommodation (room in a Cité U, studio, T, etc.) but remains the same regardless of your age or your place of residence.

If you are with a roommate, your friends are insured for free on the same contract and for the same price.

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