“The Serpent”: released from prison, serial killer Charles Sobhraj back in France?

'The Serpent': French serial killer Charles Sobhraj freed from prison in Nepal

The Serpent French serial killer Charles Sobhraj freed from prison

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has for its part made it known that it had not yet officially received, from the Nepalese authorities, the request for the expulsion of Charles Sobhraj, but that France would welcome it if necessary. If such a request were to him “notified”, “France would be required to do so since Mr. Sobhraj is a French national“, explained a spokesperson for this ministry.

A French citizen of Vietnamese and Indian descent, Charles Sobhraj began traveling the world in the early 1970s and found himself in the Thai capital, Bangkok. Posing as a dealer in gems, he befriended his victims, often Western backpackers on the trail of 1970s hippies, before drugging, robbing and murdering them.

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