The Top 5 best Erasmus destinations in Europe

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Are you the curious type? Are you eager for travel and new experiences? The ERASMUS program was designed to allow you to discover new destinations within the framework of university exchanges for a semester or two.

Created in 1987, this program connects different universities in Europe and provides scholarships to students interested in this experience.

Here are the five best destinations for an unforgettable stay!

VILNIUS in Lithuania

Vilnius University in Lithuania is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. It was founded after that of prague and Krakow and before that of Saint PETERSBOURG and Moscow.

Vilnius has 550,000 inhabitants, it is a fairly small but friendly and lively city. The cost of living is very low there, you can eat, drink and travel at ridiculous prices and even save money. For sure, you will feel comfortable there!

A city with multiple influences, Vilnius has all the charm of the capitals of Central Europe. Influenced by both East and West, its diversity draws on architecture, traditions and religions.

A city on a human scale, the Jerusalem of the North has all the assets to please. There is a historic center listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest medieval quarter in Europe. The cost of living in Vilnius is very low and the nightlife is very lively. Its unmissable museums and monuments, its artists’ district, its libraries and bookshops will charm lovers of cultural visits. So, what are you waiting for to discover Vilnius?

This small multicultural town will amaze you with its eclecticism: its colorful neighborhoods, its baroque architecture, its cobbled streets and its wooden houses. You will be impressed by this magnificent setting of influences!

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BOLOGNA in Italy

The University of Bologna, Alma Mater Suriorum, founded in 1088, is the oldest university in Europe. With 82,000 students, the University of Bologna is one of the largest in Italy. It offers a large number of university courses: law, science, economics, psychology and education…

Located in the north of Italy, its central position with respect to the rest of Europe makes bologna an optimal destination to visit Florence, Venice, Milan or to reach countries such as Switzerland, France or Austria.

Its renowned university and its advantageous geographical position are not the only assets of Bologna, it is also a very pleasant city to live in.

Bologna, a student city par excellence, is one of the friendliest and cheapest destinations in Italy. The red city shines thanks to its pleasant living environment, its appreciable Mediterranean climate and its gastronomy to die for.

With its wide tourist panorama, you will be able to experience the Dolce Vita in its purest form by strolling under its arcades, from tavern to trattoria.

Bologna is also a cultural city, you can discover its many museums (of history, fine arts, archaeology, modern art, medieval art, etc.) and other cultural places.

Here, like culture, gastronomy is a real institution! Bologna has beautiful restaurants where you can enjoy yourself at reasonable prices.

In the city center of Bologna you can tour the cool trendy bars and other small taverns, 7 days a week to have an aperitif accompanied by an all-you-can-eat buffet.

PRAGUE in the Czech Republic

The universities of the Czech capital are recognized, in particular Karlova University (Charles) which is among the 15 best universities in the world.

prague is a student destination accessible and open to all. The cost of living is twice as low there as in France, it is the ideal destination to study abroad inexpensively!

This exotic city will seduce you with its sublime artistic and architectural heritage. Its city center, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also a center of esoteric cultures with the spectacular presence of alchemists. The very lively nightlife makes Prague the unmissable meeting place for partygoers.

In this city imbued with magic, you can take long walks, stroll along the alleys while enjoying the tunes of classical music. In Prague there is always something new to do or a new place to visit!

Prague is the typical example of the original combination of Slavic and Western cultures, which makes it a destination often requested by Erasmus students.

MADRID in Spain

The Complutense University of Madrid is located in the city center and is at the head of the best universities in Spain, it is both the largest in the country and one of the oldest in the world.

Many disciplines are offered there, from journalism to medicine, including philosophy and mathematics.

Madrid is also a pleasant city to live in. This city, renowned for its warm atmosphere, is the ideal place to combine entertainment and studies at a lower cost.

The nightlife is very lively in the Spanish capital, without neglecting the cultural aspect.

Madrid a city that brings together paradoxes and plays with extremes! The frenzied nights of this city full of charm will seduce you for sure.

As for the mornings, they will not be outdone. Early in the morning, the streets of Madrid are deserted and the wide avenues offer a superb perspective. A large network of cycle paths and monumental avenues adorned with gardens and pedestrian bridges promise long, peaceful and pleasant walks.

This endearing city brimming with life still has so many treasures to offer: some of the most prestigious museums in the world, remarkable sites, temples, cathedrals, majestic parks, botanical gardens, amusement parks, zoos , lakes and many more…

LISBON in Portugal

Located on the edge of the Atlantic coast to the west and by the sea of ​​straw to the east, Lisbon has everything to amaze you. Both seductive and endearing, impossible to resist its charm!

To Lisbon, the cost of living is quite low and the climate is pleasant and mild. The somewhat offbeat atmospheres and lively evenings outdoors on the beaches are wild. As for the people of Lisbon, they are friendly and warm, so many factors that make this city with its authentic charm, a university city whose festive and student life are very attractive.

The Sea of ​​Straw with its clear, turquoise waters and golden reflections endows the capital of Portugal with incomparable beauty.

As for the gastronomy, it is really excellent and affordable, around good seafood, you can enjoy beautiful sunny days while lounging with a good glass of vino verde in your hand.

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