Tips for a successful return to college

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Back to university is stressful even for the most studious! Revise well, become more independent, impose new rules on yourself… Conducting higher education cannot be improvised. To succeed, here are our tips!

Review your classes before the start of the school year

To avoid gaps, think about reviewing the fundamentals. You can then take a look at the upcoming program. A few days before the start of the school year, this little preparation will allow you to start the year with confidence!

Plan your finances well

Apart from accommodation and registration fees, you must be able to manage regular expenses relating to meals, transport, school supplies and also leisure!

With regard to home insurance, students can benefit from a preferential rate. The contract and the guarantees change according to the situation of the student and the type of accommodation.

HEYME offers you some of the cheapest home insurance on the market. From 34€/year onlyyou benefit from extended guarantees for better coverage and your roommates are insured on the same contract and at the same price!

Don’t forget the liability insurance!

This is the continuity of school insurance!

Civil Liability is mandatory and will be requested when registering for higher education. It covers damage caused to a third party in your daily student activities (internship, babysitting, outings, etc.).

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

get organized

At university, you will be required to deliver personal work every day. So you have to learn to be more independent because no one will be there to remind you to do your homework! Make your own schedule to avoid unnecessary stress.

Create review sheets

No more random learning! To better understand your lessons, make review sheets by highlighting the parts to remember. These small documents will be your best allies to review effectively and follow your program day by day.

Don’t rely on your classmates’ notes

In class, note taking plays an important role in memorizing information. If you take other people’s notes, you may find it difficult to understand everything. So it’s in your interest to write everything down yourself.

Avoid sitting at the back of the amphitheater

Sitting in the back won’t make the workload that awaits you go away. Book yourself a seat in the front row to put yourself in a hardworking mindset!

Don’t Underestimate CMs

At university, you will have two types of courses: CM (lectures) and TD (directed work). CMs are not mandatory but are still essential.

Join working groups

You have everything to gain by joining working groups! From the first days after the start of the school year, think about forming or joining a work group. You will be able to help each other and build friendships.

Being part of a group of students allows you to take a step back from your work because you benefit from several points of view on the same subject!

Don’t get distracted

Success depends on independent and regular learning. Students who struggle to adhere to this concept inevitably fail.

You have to work the flexibility of your schedule in your favor, devoting more time to work. That said, you also have to make time for hobbies and friends so as not to crack.

Go to university libraries

If you sometimes have trouble revising at home and need a quiet place to concentrate, consider university libraries. These places provide a favorable framework for research work.

Don’t go out every night

If you’re the party animal, limit sleepless nights on weekdays during the school year! Lack of sleep greatly diminishes the ability to concentrate.

Don’t revise everything at the last moment

Don’t put off what you can do today. If you delay the accumulated work for a whole semester, you will be overwhelmed and you will not find the time to understand everything and memorize everything correctly. Don’t fall into this trap!

Do sport

” A healthy mind in a healthy body “. To maximize your chances of success, think about doing a sporting activity. This parenthesis will allow you to disconnect from the study routine in a healthy way. You can ask your school about sports licenses. Athletics, cycling, judo, dance, volleyball, handball, rugby, football, badminton, … It’s up to you to choose the sport you prefer!

Eat healthy

Food has an effect on our brain! Nutrients affect our health and our brain faculties. Avoid fast foods as much as possible and prefer foods rich in vitamins and proteins such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Get involved

If you have political, social or cultural ideas, higher education is a good springboard! Through his newspaper, his YouTube channel or his radio station, you can spread messages and interact with the world.

Consider investing in a student association. With the associative activities, you will be able to develop new skills.

Choose your student job wisely

Students want to quickly become financially independent, and take advantage of their schedule to multiply student jobs.

Be careful to find the right balance between your studies and your job.

Do and/or benefit from tutoring

If you are in 4th or 5th year, you can be paid to give hours of tutoring. Find out in the fall!

If you are a student in 1time year, you will save precious time by benefiting from the tutoring of the alumni!

Ask for help

If you have comprehension problems, approach your teacher or tutor. If you feel anxious, go to university medicine to benefit from a listening service.

Finally, if you feel disoriented in your studies, go to the information and guidance service.

Bonus: Good plans for your university year!

  • If you are between 18 and 25 years old, you can access more than 50 museums and a hundred monuments in France for free. For example, in Paris, you can go to the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, the Conciergerie, etc.
  • If you wish to benefit from a financing plan for your studies, several solutions are available to you. For more information, see our article “How to finance your studies? Scholarships, aid and student loans! “.

HEYME civil liability insurance

For 13 €/year, HEYME Civil Liability insurance covers bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to a third party during your studies, your internships in France and abroad or during the practice of one-off activities such as babysitting or tutoring lessons. If you’re a medical student, so are your guards at the hospital!

Your contract takes effect upon subscription and you receive your certificate immediately by email.

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

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