Tips for managing your e-reputation when you are a student

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Building a solid professional career also involves managing your e-reputation. To get an internship or a job, think about taking care of your accounts and profiles on the web.

Here are some good reflexes to adopt to build yourself a beautiful digital identity.

start by google you

The first reflex is to search for his first and last name on Google to analyze his e-reputation on the net. The goal is to control everything that circulates about you.

Be vigilant and regularly check everything that appears: compromising photos, comic images posted by a friend but which may not please a recruiter, comments you leave in discussion groups, social networks and forums, old statements that may not be in line with the recruiter’s vision… Spot them and sort them out!

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FClean up and remove negative content

After analyzing your e-reputation, it is essential to modify or delete all negative content that may be frowned upon by a recruiter and harm your reputation.

Do not hesitate to contact the manager of the site in question so that he removes the content that harms you and that you consider negative. If we do not respond to your request when it is indeed an invasion of your privacy, you can file a complaint with the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés).

Distinguish your personal life of your professional life

Whether on your personal page or your blog, separate the content that concerns your public life from that which concerns your private life.

You can use aliases or pseudonyms when you post photos or leave a comment.

Sois an influential player on the net

Crushing negative content is not enough to build a good e-reputation.

You have to be active on networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and regularly share content related to your professional field.

It is also necessary to participate in conferences, blogs or forums related to your sector of activity. This will allow you to enhance your professional profile to stand out.

Your digital identity reflects who you really are. The content you share must be in line with your ideas and your perception of things.

You can also create a digital magazine, a blog or your personal brand to improve the referencing of your name on search engines.

Mention on your CV all your profiles on social networks and make sure you are always presentable in your profile picture.

Take out specialist e-reputation insurance

At HEYME, for €4.5/month the “digital life protection pack” allows you to benefit from legal support and take steps if you are the victim of identity theft, defamation on the web, damage to your e-reputation but also if you encounter a dispute following a purchase on the internet.

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