Tribute to a war hero, tensions between Wagner and the Kremlin… Update on the situation in Ukraine

Bakhmout caught in a vice, news on the sabotage of Nord Stream... Update on the situation in Ukraine

Bakhmout caught in a vice news on the sabotage of

Diplomacy. The United States for its part has accused Russia of seeking to destabilize Moldova, a Romanian-speaking country of the former Soviet Union, including through demonstrations, with the aim of installing a government committed to its cause. “We believe that Russia is seeking to weaken the government of Moldova, certainly with the end goal of seeing a more supportive administration” at the head of the country, said John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council of the American executive.

Moldova, formerly in Russia’s zone of influence, is now ruled by resolutely pro-European authorities, like its neighbor Ukraine, which has been fighting for more than a year against the invasion of its territory by Russian troops. Washington believes in particular that Moscow is seeking to destabilize Transnistria, a pro-Russian separatist region of Moldova.

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