Ukraine: “The post-war period must be built now”, says General Vincent Desportes | TF1 NEWS

Ukraine: "The post-war period must be built now", says General Vincent Desportes |  TF1 NEWS

Ukraine The post war period must be built now says General

As the conflict begins to bog down after ten months of fighting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed, during the G7, to organize a “world peace summit”, while urging Western countries to show even more solidarity. For General Vincent Desportes, former head of the École de guerre, we must think now about the Europe we want tomorrow. “This post-war period must be built now. Mr. Zelensky is absolutely right, and it must be done with reason much more than with passion. The goal is not to break or impoverish Russia, the goal is to build a Europe that could finally live in peace for half a century. It wouldn’t be bad. We haven’t succeeded since 1870.”underlines this specialist.

One thing is certain, continues the former soldier, Russia will remain on the border of Europe, whatever we want. Hence the need to find common ground to finally get Europe out of the war. “The last three European peaces, that of 1919, 1945 and 1991, are all pax americana, that is to say, which were thought up by the Americans. However, two of these peaces, 1919 and 1991, led to wars respectively 21 years and 30 years later. We must finally manage to build a system that will guarantee us peace for at least half a century.insists General Desportes. “The Second World War was conducted with great intelligence, because the post-war period was thought out even before the war was waged”he points out.

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