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How do I read my gray card? You have probably already asked yourself the question while looking at this document. Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you!

What is the registration certificate?

Mandatory, the registration certificate or gray card is a document which contains all the information relating to the condition of the vehicle (make, model, registration number, maximum mass, category, type of fuel, first date of entry into service …) but also information about the owner.

It allows driving on public roads and will be requested during a roadside check.

How do I read my registration certificate?

Let’s discover together the meaning of the different letters on your registration certificate:

Vehicle registration

  • A: this is the registration number, specific to your car.
  • B: the date of the first registration of your vehicle, and therefore of the first registration and gray card.
  • I: the date your current registration certificate was issued.
  • H: Empty, because it relates to the period of validity of the registration certificate, which is unlimited.

Vehicle owner information

  • C.1: corresponds to the last name and first name of the owner.
  • C.4a: mentions that the individual mentioned in C.1 is the owner of the vehicle.
  • C.4.1: includes the name(s) of any co-holders who may also use the vehicle.
  • C.3: corresponds to the address linked to the registered vehicle where you can receive mail related to your car, such as fines.

General vehicle information

  • D.1: The brand of your car.
  • D.2: The version, type and variant of your car in the form of a code.
  • D.2.1: The National Type Identification Code (CNIT).
  • D.3: The model of your car

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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The VIN or chassis number is a unique code made up of 17 characters. It makes it possible to identify the vehicle in an exclusive way and to learn about its history, its former owners, its repairs, etc. It appears on the registration certificate in field “E”.

You can see it directly on your car, the location varies by make and model.

During a technical inspection, this number makes it possible to verify with the gray card that it is indeed the right car.

Information on maximum vehicle masses

The maximum mass varies depending on the type of vehicle. You will find all of this information on the registration card in fields F and G.

  • F.1: corresponds to the total permissible laden weight according to the manufacturer (in kg).
  • F.2: shows the total authorized weight for your car only in the Member State of registration.
  • F.3: the total authorized weight of your car with any other towed device in the country of registration.
  • G: the weight of your car in the state with the weight of the driver.
  • G.1: mentions the national empty weight.

Secondary registration certificate information

The registration card also includes information on the category, energy and power of the vehicle, among others.

  • Vehicle category (CE)

    • J category of your vehicle (CE).
    • J.1 The national type (to distinguish private and professional cars).
    • J.2 The format of the car at European level (bodywork).
    • J.3 The format of the car at national level (bodywork).
    • K The type-approval number for an import vehicle.

  • Energy and vehicle power

    • P.1 The cubic capacity (in cm3).
    • P.2 The maximum net power (in kW).
    • P.3 The fuel type abbreviation.
    • P.6 The number of “fiscal horsepower” (national administrative power) of your car.
    • Q The power/mass ratio in kW/kg (motorcycles)

  • Other information

    • S.1 The maximum number of seating positions including the driver’s seat
    • S.2 The maximum number of standing places
    • U.1 The sound level of the car when stationary (in dBa)
    • U.2 Motor speed (in min^-1)
    • V.7 CO2 emissions (in g/km) in the air over 1km of “cruising” type driving.
    • V.9 Environmental class

Technical control

X.1 corresponds to the date of the last technical inspection carried out. To keep the deadline up to date, vignettes with a new date are stuck on the windshield afterwards.

Details of registration fees (in €) and special mentions

  • Y.1 the amount of the regional tax
  • Y.2 the amount of the tax for the development of vocational training actions in transport
  • Y.3 The amount of the Ecotax / CO2 tax
  • Y.4 The amount of the administrative management fee
  • Y.5 The amount of the fee for the delivery of the registration certificate
  • Y.6 The total amount of taxes and royalty above

The details in Z relate to particular cases. Examples: vintage cars, driving schools, etc.

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