United States: -55°C, “cyclonic bomb”… this winter storm that threatens Christmas

United States: -55°C, "cyclonic bomb"... this winter storm that threatens Christmas

United States 55°C cyclonic bomb this winter storm that threatens

In the city of Denver, where temperatures are expected to hit a 30-year low, authorities have transformed a huge indoor hall, the Denver Coliseum, into a refuge for those in need of shelter and warmth. . The gusts can also blow up to 80 km / h, causing possible falling trees and power cuts.

Another risk: the possible formation of a “cyclone bomb”, formed by the encounter of polar air with a mass of warmer air, causing a very rapid drop in pressure. These conditions will be “very dangerous” to get around, whether by road or air, the NWS warned. But starting Thursday, millions of Americans are expected at airports across the country, with the holiday season this year set to be “busier” than in 2021, with a return “at pre-pandemic levels“, according to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

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