VIDEO – “Ecosystem warfare”, killer insects… The chilling scenarios of future conflicts

VIDEO - "Ecosystem warfare", killer insects... The chilling scenarios of future conflicts

VIDEO Ecosystem warfare killer insects The chilling scenarios of

Three scenarios were considered by these teams as part of this work. Their details are a matter of defense secrecy because “we don’t want to inspire our opponents or disclose our vulnerabilities”. If the first two could be declassified, the third never will be, because too sensitive, indicates Emmanuel Chiva.

Among the tracks retained: that of “ecosystemic warfare”. “In the future, we imagine that, to prevent our adversaries from taking over an area, we will modify the ecosystem”explains the General Delegate for Armaments. “We hack nature by creating new pathogens, by tinkering with the living, by using killer insects or the mycelium network of fungi to know the presence of enemy troops”, he lists. Adding: “with the democratization of the manipulation of living things, we imagine an ecosystem that escapes all control”. Blood-sucking flies and other killer insects are appearing on the battlefield.

The book also evokes “the carbonic night”. In this scenario, a period of megafires darkens the world for several months and leads to energy rationing which also concerns the armed forces. “You’re never far from the doomsday clock”summarizes Emmanuel Chiva. “For our interlocutors, this clock has already struck.”

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