VIDEO – Fighter planes in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron “excludes nothing” but believes that there are “other priorities”

VIDEO - Fighter planes in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron "excludes nothing" but believes that there are "other priorities"

VIDEO Fighter planes in Ukraine Emmanuel Macron excludes nothing

Thus, Emmanuel Macron assured that his “very thorough and precise discussion” with Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday in Paris had highlighted that the priority should be “to do everything to help (Ukraine) to resist in the coming weeks”, and of “carry out useful operations in the spring-summer if we want to be able to carry out diplomatic actions in parallel”. “It is essential that the allies favor the materials that are the most useful” And “the fastest”, he added, believing that the Caesar guns and the MAMBA medium-range surface-to-air defense system supplied by France met these criteria.

It may be necessary “intensify” the deliveries of “artillery elements allowing to launch ground offensives or to resist”, he insisted, promising to “work in the next few days”. Faced with these declarations, the Kremlin warned Europe on Thursday against “a growing involvement of Germany, the United Kingdom, France in the conflict”. “The border between indirect and direct commitment is gradually disappearing. We can only regret it”, said Dmitri Peskov, spokesperson for the Russian presidency.

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