VIDEO – “It’s become a big family here”: LCI in immersion with a French fighter in Ukraine

VIDEO - "It's become a big family here": LCI in immersion with a French fighter in Ukraine

VIDEO Its become a big family here LCI in

The detonation rang out for yards around the hilly terrain. Helmet on his head and dark glasses, Ares helps a new recruit operate a powerful rocket launcher near the Kreminna front, in Donestk Oblast, eastern Ukraine. “To blow a trench, there’s no better”, loose this 24-year-old Frenchman, in the LCI report at the top of the article. The young man joined the troops of Volodymyr Zelensky to train the new fighters in his brigade: handling weapons, therefore, but also simulation of the evacuation of wounded in the middle of smoke bombs. He enlisted at the start of the war, with the background of his four years of service in the French army.

In this brigade, he is not the only foreigner: 32 nationalities coexist in these ranks. For the command, these soldiers seasoned with NATO techniques represent real assets. “Here, everyone knows how to use Soviet weapons, but they show us how to handle the modern weapons of the Atlantic Alliance. Ares is responsible, good in military technique and he trains newcomers well, we are very happy with him “slips Dzvin, deputy commander of the battalion.

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