VIDEO – Joe Biden on a “historic” visit to kyiv: “Democracy is still standing”

VIDEO - Joe Biden on a "historic" visit to kyiv: "Democracy is still standing"

VIDEO Joe Biden on a historic visit to kyiv

Before going to Warsaw (Poland), for a visit this time to his program, Joe Biden strolled through the streets of Kiev, to the sound of anti-aircraft sirens, visited a church, then gathered in front of a memorial dedicated to the Ukrainian soldiers killed. Within the presidential palace, the American president reiterated his support for the troops of Volodymyr Zelensky, and promised new military aid. “I will announce the delivery of other essential equipment, including artillery ammunition, anti-armour systems and air surveillance radars”said the American president.

His trip, kept secret until his arrival in kyiv, was greeted by Volodymyr Zelensky, who called him “of history”. “Your visit is an extremely important sign of support for all Ukrainians”he pointed out. “Ukraine is still standing, democracy is still standing, Americans are on your side, the world is on your side”Joe Biden assured him.

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