VIDEO – Zelensky in the Donbass the day after Putin’s visit to Crimea

War in Ukraine: Washington slows down attacks in Russia, Zelensky near the front... Update on the situation

War in Ukraine Washington slows down attacks in Russia Zelensky

“We always start by remembering our fallen heroes, all those who gave their lives to Ukraine”he said, standing in front of the name of the city carved in concrete and painted in the yellow and blue colors of Ukraine, paying tribute to the Ukrainian armed forces, “the most powerful”, “best”.

In another video, we see the Ukrainian president addressing the military. “Eastern Ukraine is the most difficult axis (of the forehead)he told them. “Thank you for your resilience”, he added, before presenting decorations to some of these men. This is not the first time that Volodymyr Zelensky has visited the armed forces at the front. The leader even goes regularly near the front, notably visiting Kherson during his liberation in mid-November.

A behavior that contrasts with that of the master of the Kremlin who has so far never made a visit to the front. Vladimir Putin has made only rare trips, such as on Monday to annexed Crimea, where images showed him driving a car over the bridge linking this peninsula to Russia, which had been partially destroyed in early October by a attack attributed by Moscow to Kiev.

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