Vitalik Buterin cleans up his shitcoins and pockets $700,000 with his dump

Lookonchain Reveals Vitalik Buterin Sorting and His $700,000 Shitcoin Dump

Bye bye, shitcoins! – Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of the network Ethereum. Because of this status, many projects attempt to use its influence to their advantage. Unfortunately for them, Vitalik does not always return them very well.

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$700,000 worth of altcoins dropped by Vitalik Buterin

In 2018, an address belonging to Vitalik Buterin was discovered by Internet users. Since then, many have been watching it closely for alpha or simply to follow the movements of the creator of Ethereum.

At the same time, several projects have sent thousands of tokens on this address. In fact, most of them hope for recognition from Vitalik. As for the others, they are just trying to mislead the observers, by letting them believe that the latter had bought these tokens himself.

Unfortunately for these projects, Vitalik Buterin doesn’t seem to care. Indeed, as underline by Lookonchain, Vitalik Buterin undertook, on March 7, to make the sorting on his wallet.

Lookonchain Reveals Vitalik Buterin Sorting and His $700,000 Shitcoin Dump
Lookonchain unveils Vitalik Buterin’s sorting – Source: Twitter

Result: he has resold most of the tokens graciously sent to him. In total, the co-founder of Ethereum has pocketed no less than $700,000 for the sale of these tokens.

The biggest sale was that of 500,000 billion SHIKOKU tokens for the modest sum of 380 ETH, or 600,000 dollars. Unsurprisingly, this massive sale had a devastating impact on the course of the token, which decreased by 60% after the fact.

For its part, the Ethereum network is preparing for a major update. In effect, the Shanghai-Capella hard fork should be deployed in mid-Aprilif the Goerli testnet goes without a hitch.

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