Vitalik Buterin goes to war against shitcoins

Image from Buterin's Reddit post.

Vitalik against shitcoins – Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of the network Ethereum. Because of this, many projects try to attract the attention of investors by sending them free tokens. For its part, the creator of Ethereum counter-attacks by qualifying these tokens as shitcoins.

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No shitcoins for Vitalik Buterin

In 2018, a address Ethereum owned by Vitalik Buterin was discovered by Internet users. Vitalik has associated its ENS domain name with it: Vitalik.eth. Since then, a number of projects have tried to promote their token by sending funds to it free of charge.

However, he doesn’t seem to have much interest in it. Indeed, on March 7, he undertook to clean up his wallet by massively selling said tokens. In total, it will have raised the modest sum of $700,000.

Of these tokens, Buterin sold 3.4 million BITE tokens for a total of 5.9ETHor nearly $10,000.

Despite the massive dump of its tokens, the BITE protocol teams decided to repeat the experience by returning an additional 250,000 tokens.

Following this, Vitalik Buterin went on Reddit For warn in the face of similar projects by declaring:

“$BITE and most other currencies discussed on this forum are shitcoins. They have no cultural or moral value and will likely cause you to lose most of the money you invest in them. I oppose these projects to the fullest extent possible. »

Image from Buterin's Reddit post.
Buterin’s post on Reddit.

For their part, Internet users and other web trolls seized on the story and began producing memes featuring Vitalik Buterin and the token in question.

Meme made by trolls on Vitalik and the Bite token.
Meme made by trolls on Vitalik and the Bite token.

Rather than wasting his time with these shitcoins, Vitalik Buterin prefers to focus on Ethereum. In effect, the network is about to open withdrawals for ETH deposited in staking via the Shanghai hard fork.

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Last Verdict

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