War in Ukraine: China plans to send “weapons” to Russia, according to Antony Blinken

LIVE - War in Ukraine: China warned by the United States against any "material support" to Russia

LIVE War in Ukraine China warned by the United

China on the verge of tipping over? According to the US Secretary of State, Beijing plans to supply “weapons” to Russia to help Moscow advance in its offensive in Ukraine. And this, after having honored a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, the head of diplomacy Wang Yi. “We talked about the war being waged by Russia and the concerns we have that China is planning to provide lethal support to Russia,” he said on CBS. Asked to clarify his remarks, Antony Blinken indicated that it would be “mainly weapons”.

The two men met on Saturday evening in Munich, on the sidelines of the Security Conference, in an exchange that American diplomacy described as “frank and direct”. The Secretary of State warned against “implications and consequences” for China if it turned out that it brought a “material support” to Russia in its war in Ukraine and even as it helped it evade Western sanctions, State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

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