War in Ukraine: European sanctions against the mother of the head of the Wagner group canceled

VIDEO - More and more talkative, the boss of Wagner curbs the Russian army and its "monstrous bureaucracy"

VIDEO More and more talkative the boss of Wagner

In order to decide whether to sanction her, the Council of the EU indicated that she was “owner of Concord Management and Consulting LLC, which is part of the Concord Group, founded and owned until 2019 by his son”And “also owner of other companies related to the latter”.

“It appears from the file that Ms. Prigojina has no longer owned Concord Management and Consulting since 2017, even if she had held shares in it”notes the General Court, considering that“in addition, the Council does not demonstrate that she owns other companies linked to her son on the date of the adoption of the disputed acts”. The Court therefore decides to cancel the sanctions, judging that the relationship between Violetta Prigojina and her son “cannot be enough” to blacklisting.

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