War in Ukraine: towards a green light from Germany for the delivery of Leopard tanks

Ukraine: Germany "will not oppose" a delivery of Leopard tanks by Poland

Ukraine Germany will not oppose a delivery of Leopard tanks

Under pressure for several weeks, the German chancellor would have yielded. Olaf Scholz is expected to give the green light, probably this Wednesday, to sending German Leopard 2 type 2A6 tanks to Ukraine, says the Spiegel on its website, without citing a source. This is’“at least one company”or at least ten heavy tanks, adds the daily.

The news channel NTV, which cites sources close to the government, also indicates that the German Chancellor is preparing to announce it. Asked by AFP, the entourage of the Social Democratic Chancellor did not wish to comment on Tuesday evening. The United States could for their part agree to deliver Abrams tanks, assures the Wall Street Journal.

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