War in Ukraine: what is the Patriot defense system, which Washington will provide to kyiv?

Patriot, Rattlesnake, IRIS-T... Ukraine consolidates its anti-aircraft defense

Patriot Rattlesnake IRIS T Ukraine consolidates its anti aircraft defense

This defense system manufactured by the American firm Raytheon can detect missiles at more than 100 kilometers and has a range of up to 160 kilometers, unlike the Himars rocket launchers, mainly used by the Ukrainians, whose range is only 80 kilometers. It is the medium range of this new defense system that would fuel Russia’s concern.

So far, the United States has been reluctant to deploy this defense system in Ukraine. However, it is not the only country to use it. Japan, Saudi Arabia, but also Spain or Germany use it. It is also a key element of the Alliance’s anti-aircraft defenses on its eastern flank. Washington has already deployed Patriot missiles in Poland and Berlin has installed them in Slovakia.

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