WAY – The Great Departure

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At the genesis of the project

The WAY association was born more than a year ago, on October 6, 2019.
Straight back from our pre-master missions in developing countries and marked by these new travel experiences, we began to question ourselves about the environmental impact of all these professional and tourist trips and flows.

Travel is a temptation but also a wealth at hand. We were convinced of this, but their frequency, their relevance and the impact they have on our planet made us want to act.

We then set up WAY, an association under the 1901 law, with the aim of producing a film to raise awareness of sustainable tourism, while explaining how to travel with less environmental impact.

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Preparing for the trip

Gradually, we surrounded ourselves with people and companies consistent with our initiative, who helped us to tie up the project and get started.

The 2 months of preparation preceding the departure allowed us to carry out the first tests of our equipment, to create our community, our first audiovisual content and links with those who support us.

WAY – The Great Departure

Tournage sur le campus d'emlyon, juste avant notre départ.

1670786546 855 WAY – The Great Departure

Test du matériel dans les hauteurs d’Annecy avec le parrain de l’aventure, Anthony Verlaine.

Finally ready, we decided to hit the road at the beginning of November, heading to Northern Europe by bike via Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. A few days before our departure, the announcements of a reconfinement in France prompted us to change our plans and bring forward our departure by a week to avoid being blocked at the borders. At the same time, we made the choice to reach Sweden by train directly, so as not to find ourselves stranded in the countries mentioned above. Our partners were super responsive in securing our backs, especially HEYMEwho adapted our insurance to the urgency of our departure!

1670786546 895 WAY – The Great Departure

Cellule de crise après l’allocution du président sur le reconfinement.

From Cysoing to Malmö

So we got on our bikes from Cysoing, direction Tournai in Belgium to take a train and start our journey to Sweden. It’s quite a symbol to take the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix to start a bike trip!

1670786546 906 WAY – The Great Departure

Derniers réglages de l’itinéraire.

1670786547 820 WAY – The Great Departure

Démontage des vélos à Tournai pour les glisser dans des housses de transports propices au voyage en train.

This is how we reached Rostock by train after a day of transport, then climbed our bicycles on a ferry, direction Trelleborg, in Sweden.

1670786547 28 WAY – The Great Departure

Dernières images des côtes allemandes.

Arrival in Sweden

When we arrived in Trelleborg, it was already dark. We had to find a sheltered place to pitch our tents, which was not easy!

Fortunately, it was later learned that the right to camp in the Swedish wilderness was enshrined in law. Indeed, the right of free access to nature, “Allemansträt”, invites everyone to dispose of nature and its resources, while respecting it in return.

Better still, we realized after an exchange of emails with our contacts in Sweden that there were more than 5,000 shelters in the territory. They are called “Vindskydds”, which literally means “protection against the wind”. So we spent the first 2 weeks in Sweden in the different shelters we found: by the sea, in the forest, by the lakes, etc.

1670786547 677 WAY – The Great Departure

Vindskydd en bord de mer qui a accueilli notre première baignade dans une eau à 10°C.

1670786548 897 WAY – The Great Departure

Premier feu suédois, allumé au firesteel. 

Our first objective was to reach Gothenburg from Trelleborg, taking the Kattegattleden from Helsingborg.

The Kattegattleden is a Swedish cycle path which is part of Eurovélo 12 and which was voted European cycle path of the year 2018. It was a real pleasure to take it during the first 2 weeks of our journey.

1670786548 280 WAY – The Great Departure

 Pause nature aux alentours de la Kattegattleden

On the way, we stopped for several days in Malmö, the country’s third largest city, and the Swedish capital of ecology. It was in Malmö that the eco-district of the future, the “Västra Hamnen”, was built in 2001. Under the impetus of this district, the city continues to improve in terms of eco-responsibility, particularly in terms of infrastructure with 500km of cycle paths. Note that the Swedes are very respectful of cyclists, whether in the city center or in the countryside. Rare were the times when we needed to stop.

1670786548 558 WAY – The Great Departure

« Turning Torso », plus haute tour de Scandinavie, bâtiment résidentiel au cœur de l’éco quartier de Malmö.

1670786549 247 WAY – The Great Departure

Malmö centre.

Our first meetings are imminent and it starts this week in Gothenburg.

We won’t tell you more, see you at the next article!

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