“We draw water from puddles”, Russian soldiers confide in the war in Ukraine

"We draw water from puddles", Russian soldiers confide in the war in Ukraine

We draw water from puddles Russian soldiers confide in the

The British daily was able to access other conversations between soldiers and their relatives, via their unsecured phones. In one of them, a soldier located in Donetsk tells his wife about the despair that has taken over the ranks of the Russian army. “I’m in a sleeping bag, all wet, coughing, generally fucked up. We were all allowed to be shot.” According to several observers of the war, the morale of the troops is at an all-time low. The shortage of modern weapons is said to be one of the major difficulties encountered by soldiers in the field. In an analysis published at the end of November, the British defense had in particular pointed out the lack of missiles in the stocks of the Russian army.

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