What is Civil Liability Insurance?

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurancealso called RC, is a contract that guarantees the consequences incurred by the insured when it causes material, immaterial or bodily damage to a third party, whether through inattention, negligence or imprudence.

It is the insurer who is responsible for compensating, under the cover taken out, the third party who is the victim of the loss or accident. The insurer repairs the damage caused to others by paying financial compensation.

It’s actually the continuity of your school insurance. Civil liability is mandatory during internships and required upon registration in most higher education establishments.

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

What are the guarantees of a Civil Liability insurance contract?

The Public liability covers three types of damage:

  • bodily harm (physical injuries),
  • Material damage (breakage of an object),
  • Intangible damage (harm to the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss).

For €13/year, HEYME civil liability insurance covers damage caused to a third party during your internships in France and abroad, and if you are in the medical sector, the same applies to your on-call duty. the hospital!

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

What are the exclusions of a civil liability contract?

Intentional damage, damage that you cause to yourself and damage occurring in a professional context (salaried employment contract) are excluded from civil liability.

Also, extreme sports, damage caused with a car or a new electric vehicle are not covered under a Civil Liability contract. You have to take out specific insurance and that’s good, we have some to offer you!

What can you be responsible for?

1. You are responsible for any damage you cause through carelessness or negligence. Here are some examples for which civil liability covers you:

  • You spill coffee on your neighbor’s PC
  • You have the equipment loaned by the company in which you are on an internship stolen
  • You inadvertently jostle your colleague who falls and breaks his arm

2. If your children are minors, they live with you and you exercise parental authority, you are responsible for any damage they may cause. You are still responsible even if you entrust your children to a third party (grandparents, school, etc.).

3. If you are the owner of an animal, you are responsible for any damage it may cause whether under your supervision, during a walk or when you entrust it to a friend. On the other hand, you are not responsible for damage caused by your animal, if it occurred as a result of a fault committed by the victim.

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