What is Etiopathy ?

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Etiopathy is an unconventional therapeutic practice born in France, close to osteopathy and chiropractic, which is part of the tradition of bonesetters.

This practice aims to treat the cause of a health problem, not just its symptoms.

Overview !

What is Etiopathy ?

According to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), etiopathy includes various maneuvers addressing the skin (broken fold, pull-off), tendons (dry lateral stretching, repeated rubbing-pressure) and to the muscles.

100% manual, etiopathy is a therapeutic technique that aims to find and diagnose the cause of pathologies to treat them without drugs.

The treatments are the result of a thorough examination and aim to restore the normal functioning of the body and eliminate dysfunctions to avoid relapses.

Etiopathy therefore adopts a systemic and holistic approach, studying the body as a set of systems that constantly interact with each other.

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A little history

In 1963, the term etiopathy was coined by Christian Trédaniel, the founder of this practice. The term is composed of the two Greek words aitia (cause) and pathos (suffering).

After two decades of research, Trédaniel was able to develop the fundamental principles of etiopathy in his book “Fundamental principles for etiopathic medicine”.

Etiopathy is inspired by the tradition of reboutement, an ancestral practice transmitted orally for hundreds of years. The tradition aimed to treat ailments using touch, massage and palpation. It has also inspired many manual techniques such as osteopathy, which nevertheless require in-depth knowledge.

What is the difference between osteopathy and etiopathy?

Etiopathy is based on the patient’s symptoms to find causal links based on anatomical, physiological and clinical notions.

In this practice, the main stage is the search for the cause, the manipulation, on the other hand, is the finality. The management is only mechanical and aims to restore correct mobility of the articular and visceral systems.

Osteopathy is based on energetics, fascia-therapy, psycho-cognitive, cranial, etc. It consists, among other things, of manipulating the patient through various gestures in order to restore a balance in his body.

The benefits of etiopathy

Etiopathy cannot cure serious illnesses or replace surgery. On the other hand, this practice can complement traditional medicine and relieve the patient.

Here are the main benefits of etiopathy:

  • Treat vertebral disorders such as neuralgia, torticollis, lumbago, neck pain, etc.
  • Reduce pregnancy ailments such as nausea, prepare for childbirth, treat back problems related to weight gain and treat certain gynecological disorders.
  • Treat urinary disorder, enuresis or prostate disorder.
  • Treat ENT disorders such as sinusitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, ear infections or vertigo.
  • Treat digestive disorders like gastroesophageal reflux, bloating, digestive disorders, constipation, etc.

Contraindications of etiopathy

From young people to the elderly, everyone can benefit from etiopathy sessions. However, this technique cannot cure serious diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, degenerative diseases, tumors, etc.

In addition, this therapeutic technique is not recommended for people who have suffered recent physical trauma. In this case, it is recommended to go to a specialist doctor and to carry out clinical examinations.

Who can practice etiopathy?

The profession of etiopath is not officially recognized by the health authorities in France. On the other hand, it is supervised and controlled by professional organisations.

Aspiring etiopaths must pursue paid 6-year training in the faculty of etiopathy in Paris, Rennes, Lyon or Toulouse. An admission competition is accessible from the baccalaureate level.

Composed mainly of courses in physiology, biology, anatomy, systems, cybernetics and practical work, the teaching is completed by the study of the etiopathic method and intervention gestures.

Before being able to exercise this profession, etiopaths must register with the National Register of Etiopaths. This establishment determines the rules and the ethical framework of the profession.

What does an etiopathy session look like?

First, the therapist inquires with his patient about what he feels, his background and the circumstances of the appearance of the symptoms.

Then, the etiopath will establish his diagnosis to find the cause of the disease. To do this, he will rely on tests, palpations and a linking of symptoms.

If he considers that he cannot take charge of his patient, he will redirect him to a specialist. Otherwise, the etiopath’s treatment will be possible using simple and rapid manipulations, which resemble those of the osteopath (visceral, vertebral manipulations, etc.).

The number of etiopathy sessions changes according to the patient’s state of health. In general, 3 to 6 sessions are enough.

After each consultation, the etiopath can give personalized advice to his patient to perpetuate the effect of the session.

How long does an etiopathy session last?

The duration of an etiopathy session varies according to the patient’s health problems. On average, a consultation lasts 30 minutes.

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