What is naturopathy ?

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Naturopathy is a therapeutic technique that uses natural healing practices. It goes beyond nutrition or exercise and extends to other techniques such as homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

This bio-natural discipline aims to maintain, recover or improve your well-being and allows you to reconnect with yourself and with nature.

What does naturopathic treatment consist of?

A first consultation with a naturopath takes about an hour. The naturopath will ask you questions about your medical condition, your medical history or any other conventional treatment, your diet and your lifestyle. The holistic vision of the person in its uniqueness and globality is what distinguishes this therapeutic technique from others. Each individual may therefore have a different treatment depending on their physical, emotional, nutritional characteristics and personal needs.

The naturopath can carry out an examination of the iris, the tongue or the nails, to have a precise idea of ​​your state of health. If necessary, pathological tests such as hair, stool or blood analysis can be performed.

Depending on the results, the naturopath defines a protocol that increases the chances of healing. This may include advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, homeopathic treatments or other appropriate remedies.

The treatment restores the balance of the body and promotes self-healing to find the desired well-being, in a natural way.

If necessary, the naturopath can refer you to other health professionals.

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The benefits of naturopathy

Thanks to the various naturopathic treatments, it is possible to relieve ailments and solve certain problems such as stress, food allergies and intolerances, joint pain, sleep disorders and immune deficiencies.

Naturopathy also improves water retention problems, reduces gastrointestinal disorders and fights chronic fatigue.

  1. Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Naturopathy helps identify the underlying cause of the disease rather than treating or eliminating its symptoms. The naturopath finds the main reason behind the discomfort and then offers the appropriate treatment.

  1. Improve physical health

Naturopathy restores physical balance to the body. Thanks to a varied diet rich in vitamins, the body will have more energy and vitality. The therapist may suggest taking naturopathic medications.

  1. Boost mental abilities

A healthy body and a top physique lead to mental well-being. This well-being can be maintained thanks to natural therapies, based on naturopathic treatments, such as massages, florotherapy or hydrotherapy, which act on the sensory level to create a link between body and mind.

  1. Eliminate toxins

Naturopathic treatments, such as changing the diet, help cleanse the body of toxins through detoxifying practices and boost the immune system in sufferers.

Naturopathy is based on 2 important principles: vitalism and causalism.

The first principle refers to nature and the power of natural self-healing. The second identifies the causes of discomfort and treats obstacles that prevent recovery, such as overeating, intoxication, poor stress management, etc.

Another detail: organic fluids, such as blood, lymph, intra and extracellular fluid must represent 60 to 70% of our body. This is where our cells feed and evacuate waste and toxins.

Naturopathy is not an alternative to modern medicine

The naturopath uses methods and treatments that cannot replace medical treatment. Naturopathy does not cure all illnesses but it can be extremely helpful if practiced in conjunction with medical therapy, especially in cases of chronic illnesses.

It is important to emphasize that naturopathy does not use drugs. This therapeutic technique aims only to restore the balance of the body and to stimulate the natural capacities of self-healing.

According to naturopathy, the state of health begins to deteriorate when the cells of the body are confronted with a change of environment. This is followed by discomfort, manifested by inflammation or intoxication. It is only at the end of this process that the symptoms begin to appear. Naturopathy intervenes to prevent this process from starting or to slow it down, unlike drugs which act on the symptoms that are already visible.

Naturopathy: a philosophy of life

Naturopathy is not just a transient therapeutic technique, but rather a philosophy of life.

When you understand the principles on which this therapeutic technique is based, you can establish a new lifestyle and find the expected well-being.

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