What is repatriation insurance?

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Repatriation insurance abroad

This is the type of guarantee you never want to need, but in emergency situations, repatriation is essential! We explain to you why your insurer recommends medical repatriation insurance.

What is medical repatriation?

In the event of illness or accident abroad, your insurer can cover your immediate transfer to France. This will save you:

  • Overbilling of health costs in local hospitals.
  • Any medical errors.

There are two types of medical repatriation:

  • Non-medical repatriation when the patient is transferred to France, without the need for medical support.
  • A medical repatriation when the presence of a doctor or a nurse is necessary.

Repatriation can be done by air in case of emergencies (CVA, road accidents, etc.).

HEYME World pass international travel insurance

How does medical repatriation work?

Medical repatriation is organized by the medical assistance teams. They take care of transfer arrangements and find the appropriate means but also the necessary resources to guarantee transport in the best conditions.

Who to contact in case of illness or accident abroad?

In the event of a problem, your insurance company can get in touch with your attending physician who will decide, depending on your state of health, what measures to take.

If your condition requires evacuation to a hospital center or repatriation to your country of origin, the medical cell will take care of the choice of the course of treatment, repatriation, the place of hospitalization and the means to be used.

Repatriation or evacuation: nuance!

Depending on the medical report, the insurer can decide on repatriation or evacuation.

  • Repatriation: the medical transfer is made directly to the country of residence.
  • Evacuation: the transfer is made to the nearest hospital centre.

Medical assistance guarantee

The medical assistance guarantee is integrated into the insurance contracts, including those of the blue cards, but the cover offered remains very limited and is only valid for the first 90 days. The ideal is to subscribe to a medical assistance guarantee in an independent contract.

Our advice

Medical repatriation requires the mobilization of medical resources, means of transport, and medical support throughout the journey. The bill can easily climb!

Before you go abroad, remember to take out health insurance abroad, which covers (among other things) medical assistance and repatriation.

At HEYME, with the World Pass offer, if you are seriously injured during your stay, we take care of your entire return. We cover the costs at 100% and from the first euro!

HEYME World Pass: the international health insurance par excellence

To cope with the often very high hospitalization costs and health expenses abroad, the ideal is to take out international health insurance such as the HEYME World pass. This type of insurance offers you complete cover for unexpected treatment at its actual cost, direct reimbursement in the event of hospitalization with the medical establishment, as well as medical assistance and repatriation.

And in the event of Covid-19, how does it work?

In the event of Covid-19, HEYME Worldpass guarantees you 100% coverage of your health expenses and offers you:

  • direct payment of your hospitalization costs;
  • the payment of your expenses beyond €750 directly with the healthcare professional;
  • coverage of medical and hospitalization costs related to the 2019 Coronavirus disease if you are a student between 16 and 35 years old;

With HEYME Worldpass, you will not advance any costs except for routine consultations or the purchase of medication.

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