What sports to practice to improve your mental health?

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The sporting activity practiced regularly and in a moderate way maintains our physical health, helps us to strengthen our muscles, to prevent cardiovascular diseases and obesity… The benefits of sport are seen on our physical health, but also on our health. mental.

What are the benefits of sports activity on the mind?

” A healthy mind in a healthy body ” ! The famous adage clearly expresses the close relationship between body and mind.

If sport brings benefits to our body, it also has undeniable psychological effects on our mental health, it allows us to:

Release the Happiness Hormone

Anxiety, stress, fatigue… all these psychological problems can have a negative impact on our mood. But how can we get rid of our anxieties and sprinkle our mind with a nice pinch of happiness? It is possible thanks to sport and endorphins!

The activity that most favors the secretion of endorphins is sport. Produced naturally by our body, these molecules provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation throughout the human body and free the mind from daily torments. The level of endorphins produced depends on several factors, including the nature of the sports activity, its duration and its intensity.

When you practice an intense sports activity, your brain secretes a large quantity of these hormones which will then be dispersed throughout the central nervous system. You will therefore feel a state of well-being.

By dint of training, some athletes accustomed to this feeling of well-being can no longer manage to do without their sports routine.

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Combat anxiety and stress

Faced with a danger or a threatening situation, the body alerts and sends signals to our brain to prepare, face or flee. Fear is an adaptation to danger, but excessive anxiety can turn into pathology.

A hormonal imbalance of cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline or dopamine has negative repercussions on our mental health and can trigger unpleasant emotions or even anxiety disorders.

To overcome the obstacles of our daily life, we must break the infernal spiral of stress and find a good way to preserve our mental health.

Sport is a good remedy to fight against anxiety, stress and prevent anxiety attacks and depression.

With the practice of an intense sports activity, your body will benefit from a good dose of natural antidepressants and a significant reduction in anxiety thanks to the release and secretion of endorphins.

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Improve cognitive and intellectual abilities and reduce mental disorders

In addition to improving our morale, sport also allows us to develop our intellectual abilities and boost our mental performance.

Practicing a sports activity allows better oxygenation of the brain, which promotes good blood circulation and therefore the stimulation of brain activity.

It also makes it possible to fight against cognitive aging, to increase the cognitive capacities of concentration, memorization, reflection…

Improve self-esteem

Lack of confidence and confidence can also hinder your development, whether professionally or personally.

A sporting activity will have a noticeable effect on accomplishment and self-esteem. The fact of practicing a sport in a group also allows you to share your passion, to develop a feeling of belonging but also a better knowledge of yourself. You will learn to organize your relationships with others, to manage conflicts and to assert yourself.

Have a good quality of sleep

Sleep is essential! These moments of rest allow our body to recharge its batteries, protect our heart and our nervous system, but also strengthen our immune system.

Getting a good night’s sleep starts with improving our daytime activities, including sports! A sporting activity of medium intensity promotes sleep, because it causes fatigue and accelerates the sleep onset phase. It also helps to avoid sleep disorders (insomnia) and nocturnal awakenings.

The choice of training schedules is decisive in order to benefit from the benefits of sport on sleep. It is better to practice in the morning or in the afternoon.

To avoid delaying the body’s sleep cycle, it is strongly advised to train no less than 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. On the other hand, certain gentle sports activities such as yoga do not disturb sleep.

Good to know :

Respecting the biological clock is essential to protect your mental health and have quality restorative sleep!

What types of sport do you prefer?

Sports club, sports association, forest, park… There are a multitude of sports disciplines adapted to your physical condition, your age and your lifestyle. You are bound to find one that suits you. The ideal is to choose a sporting activity for pleasure and take full advantage of its benefits on your physical and mental health.

Running (jogging or running) and cycling release more endorphins (happiness hormones) for a feeling of well-being and relaxation after exercise.

Team sports such as rugby, football or handball can improve mental health and prevent anxiety disorders.

Water has many mental and physical health benefits. The practice of a sports activity in the water is a therapeutic tool that promotes muscle relaxation and contributes to the release of tension.

A balanced and healthy diet is strongly recommended to feel good in your skin and in your head!

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