What will the world of work look like in 2030?

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The world continues to evolve, bringing socio-economic changes behind it. As a result, the world of work could be impacted or even turned upside down.

Certain questions naturally come to mind like “what will the world of work look like in 2030?” or “what impact will these changes have on employees?”.

Increasingly open and shared workspaces

Workers and companies must adapt and constantly rethink the working environment. No more partitioned offices, make way for open spaces and platforms of coworking or corporateworking.

Companies are increasingly modeling their mode of operation on that of start-ups by replacing traditional individual offices with open space. Emphasis is placed mainly on collaborative work with, for the employee, the possibility of moving wherever he sees fit. A space of freedom that rhymes with creativity.

And the numbers bear this out in the survey”The expectations of the new generation on new ways of working” conducted by HEYME in collaboration with parella.

Indeed, 48% of those surveyed imagine working in coworking spaces in the years to come, 22% think that this will be done in corpoworking and 10% in co-living.

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Recently, the concept of open space has been reinvented with the emergence of multi space. THE new workspace par excellence aims to be more collaborative, more functional and more connected. Each square meter is dedicated to a specific activity: meeting room, work bubbles, relaxation area… The place is intended to evolve according to the needs of employees who can also take advantage of isolated spaces for more calm.

57% of respondents believe that the diversity of workspaces will be one of the major changes in the office in the years to come and 68% imagine that this will be done through the implementation of new technologies (artificial intelligence, connected objects, etc.). ).

Worker in 2030, room for independence?

If salaried employment remains the norm in terms of employment, new forms of work are constantly emerging, such as freelancing and self-entrepreneurship in particular.

Formerly perceived as an unstable or even precarious activity, freelancing is attracting more and more employees and executives who wish to convert to teleworking thanks to the appearance of new technologies which make it possible to work anywhere, even at the other end. of the world.

31% of people questioned want to work abroad in the next 5 years and 25% of those polled favor a job in one of the major French cities.

Like freelancing, self-employment is a booming regime. Income is no longer limited to a single sector of activity, workers can be multi-active, combining several activities. 20% of participants want to work in the field of marketing and communication, a sector that brings together a wide range of activities, followed by the research and development sector with 13%.

2030, towards what type of company - HEYME

2030, towards what type of company?

Digitization and digital technologies have changed the world of employment and the way we work on a daily basis. The world of work as we have known it will soon be turned upside down and some trades based on manual skills will be replaced by machines.

However, some jobs require a certain know-how, creativity or relational and emotional intelligence, which only humans can possess.

In the future, companies will base their development on a continuous training system in line with market needs and new technologies. In this way, employees will be able to perform better and adapt to different situations.

In addition, some companies do not hesitate to provide their employees with equipped and functional workplaces in order to stimulate their productivity and their creativity and thus contribute to the success of their missions.

As proof, to the question: “Do you have examples of companies with attractive and inspiring workspace layouts?”, the answer was mainly Google.

In 2030, companies will rely on employees who can adapt to change and learn new skills quickly.

Results of our part of the survey on “The expectations of the new generation at work”, carried out in collaboration with parella, consulting firm in office real estate. Find the complete results of the Parella 2021 barometer from 25/11/2021.

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