When and how to update your Vitale card?

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The Vitale card is essential to benefit from a rapid reimbursement of your health expenses after a medical consultation or the purchase of medication. We use it regularly, but is it important to update it? When, how and where can I update my Vitale card? We explain everything to you!

The Vitale card: what is it?

From the age of 15, each beneficiary of health insurance is invited to order a free personalized smart card intended to facilitate the management of his care, this is the Vitale card. This card contains personal information such as the surname and first name of the insured, his photo ID, or his social security number.

In addition to this apparent information, the Vitale card also contains other administrative information that is useful for processing and paying for the insured person’s medical care. It thus allows him to justify his rights to health professionals and to be reimbursed more easily and more quickly in the event of health expenses.

During a medical consultation or a visit to the pharmacy, for example, the healthcare professional uses the Vitale card to draw up an electronic care sheet which will then be sent to the Social Security body, in particular to the Caisse health insurance on which the beneficiary depends for the reimbursement of his health costs. So, no administrative procedure is to be carried out!

HEYME student health insurance

Good to know :

The information contained in the Vitale card is strictly confidential. Without your consent, the healthcare professional will not be able to access the history of your care and reimbursements or the report of your medical consultations and examinations.

When should I update my Vitale card?

The Vitale card is issued without a validity period. Nevertheless, it must be updated annually by the policyholders in the event of a change in personal situation or when an event involves updating the information of its bearer:

  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Change in professional situation leading to a change in the Social Security system (change from student status to employee status)
  • Change of personal address of his place of residence and his Social Security Fund
  • Mutual change
  • Affiliation to the solidarity complementary health insurance (CSS ex-CMU)
  • Pregnancy and motherhood
  • Long-term illness (ALD) to benefit from the mechanism for exemption from the co-payment
  • Etc.

Updating the Vitale card, what steps to follow?

If you have just landed your first job, got married or had a child, it is necessary to record all these changes on your Vitale card, but how can you do this? It is very simple ! Here are the different steps to follow to make your life easier!

Inform your health insurance fund

First of all, you must first inform your Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) by post or electronically (via the ameli.fr website) of any change related to your marital status, your job or your personal address, by providing all the documents required for the validation of your modification request.

With regard to other changes relating to long-term illness (ALD), it is necessary to receive a notification letter confirming the acceptance and coverage of your illness by your health insurance fund before proceeding with the update of your Vitale card.

Performs the update in a dedicated terminal

Updating is just as easy. All you have to do is go to a place equipped with a dedicated terminal (see below!), insert your card in the reader of the terminal and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. In a few seconds, it will be automatically updated!

Once the update is complete, you can check if all the information provided is correct or not. If this is not the case (missing or incorrect information), you must immediately contact your CPAM to report the inconsistency or error and request a correction.

If you cannot move, you can contact your CPAM directly, it will tell you the steps to follow to update your Vitale card.

Attention !

A non-updated Vitale card may extend the time it takes to reimburse your medical expenses and lead to coverage that does not comply with your rights.

Where can I update my Vitale card?

Many multi-service terminals with free access have been made available by Social Security, they can be found in pharmacies, health establishments or in all the reception points of the health insurance fund… There are bound to be some one nearby!

To avoid having to travel for nothing and to be sure of the availability of the multiservice terminals installed near you in the places indicated below, you can first consult the list of these terminals on the site ameli.fr in the “address and contact” section.

You will be asked to enter the postal code of your place of residence to display the list of terminals available in the health insurance funds in your region.

Is it important to update the Vitale card?

Absolutely ! Updating the Vitale card speeds up the process of reimbursement and coverage of your care by your mutual insurance company. Whether for a medical consultation or the purchase of medication, the healthcare professional uses the Vitale card to declare the treatment directly to your health insurance.

This replaces the paper care sheet that you had to fill out and send to your health insurance fund and allows you to benefit from third-party payment.

Even if there has been no change in your personal or professional situation, it is important to update your Carte Vitale every year. Indeed, this update offers you better coverage of your medical expenses and reduces the time for reimbursement by your health insurance and your complementary health insurance.

Good to know :

Social Security does not reimburse all of your health expenses, it covers part of your costs up to 70% on average.

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