Why and how to insure my motorcycle?

HEYME motorcycle insurance

Before taking out a motorcycle insurance contract, you must consult the guarantees to see if you are well covered in the event of a claim. Let’s see it up close!

First, is motorcycle insurance compulsory?

Yes !

According to article L211-1 of the Insurance Code: all land motor vehicles must be insured. As the owner of a motorized two-wheeler, you must take out at least cover that includes civil liability cover (RC).

You must insure your motorbike even if it is no longer in working order, not registered or if it never leaves the garage. Because, even parked, this vehicle can cause an accident or suffer damage. Therefore, buy motorcycle insurance even when you are not riding remains mandatory!

What do you risk when you don’t insure your motorcycle?

When you fail to take out motorcycle insurance, to pay your premiums, when you have not been informed of the termination of your contract, or when you borrow a bike that is not insured, you are exposed to:

  • A fine of 3750€.
  • The cancellation or suspension of his license with a ban on retaking it for 3 years
  • The ban on driving certain vehicles, including cars, 50cc scooters or cars without a license
  • Confiscation of his vehicle
  • Works of general interest

If you cause an accident without having motorcycle insurance, the FGAO (Guarantee fund for compulsory damage insurance) will compensate the victims of the accident to guarantee them rapid coverage. On the other hand, this structure will then claim the reimbursement of the amounts related to this support… And the sums can be high!

HEYME motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance: what information to provide to your insurer?

Before signing your motorcycle insurance contract, your insurer will ask you to provide them with this information, among others:

  • The registration of your motorcycle
  • If the motorcycle is not in circulation, you must communicate its value, make and model
  • His current mileage
  • Estimated annual mileage
  • Your personal and professional situation

The different guarantees to insure your motorcycle

Now, what guarantees are generally offered by insurers?

Support guarantee

Insurance companies set up assistance services for motorcycle riders. By subscribing to a contract which includes this guarantee, you benefit from breakdown assistance and towing, the sending of spare parts to the dealership of the two-wheeler, the costs of recovering the vehicle, the transport and accommodation costs of the insured during the repair of the motorcycle, etc.

Theft guarantee

This guarantee allows you to be covered in relation to this type of claim. You can be reimbursed for a stolen motorcycle depending on the conditions included in the insurance contract when you take out the insurance.

To be able to benefit from compensation in the event of theft, you must respect the obligations of your insurer such as precautionary measures (good parking, not leaving the keys in the ignition, etc.) or the use of means of effective protections that prevent theft such as steering lock, anti-theft, disc lock, etc.

Glass breakage guarantee

This guarantee allows you to be reimbursed for repairs to damaged lenses, balls and turn signals.

This guarantee is only applied if the glass breakage is the only damage observed on the vehicle. It is not effective in the event of an accident that would require coverage by a material damage guarantee.

Fire warranty

This warranty covers in case of damage caused by flames on the motorcycle.

In the event of voluntary fire or if the incident was caused by a malicious act, the guarantee is not applied. Acts of vandalism or a failure of the motorcycle’s electrical circuit are covered by your insurance company.

Natural disaster guarantee

Disasters are not automatically covered by motorcycle insurance contracts. Think about taking out a natural disaster guarantee to be reimbursed in the event of a problem!

After a declaration of natural disaster by the State, you have 10 days to declare the loss to your insurance company by telephone, post or email, depending on the insurers.

To be compensated, you must provide your insurer with:

  • Purchase and maintenance invoices
  • The gray card and photos of the two-wheeler

The insurer appoints an expert to set the amount of compensation.

Material damage coverage

Following an accident, the motorcycle may suffer damage that requires repairs. Depending on the responsibility of each driver in the accident and the level of coverage of his motorcycle insurance contract, the material damage guarantee can be applied to compensate the insured.

The clauses of the insurance contract determine the terms of compensation under the material damage guarantee.

secondary driver

You can register a second driver on the insurance contract for your two-wheeler. This makes it possible to share the use of the vehicle while remaining insured.

Generally, this guarantee is reserved for the relatives of the insured.

“handlebar ready” guarantee

Like the secondary driver guarantee, this guarantee covers you against possible incidents if you wish to lend your motorcycle occasionally to another person.

The warranty generally remains limited. In the insurance contract taken out, your insurer may require the prohibition of the loan of the handlebars at night, a minimum necessary experience of the driver, etc.

Motorcycle insurance: the HEYME proposal

HEYME covers motorcyclists in the event of a claim and meets the needs of all young people and students.

By taking out HEYME motorcycle insurance, you will be able to:

  • Insure your equipment, helmet and accessories.
  • Extend the driver’s guarantee up to €200,000 in the event of disability or death.
  • Be supported by a points recovery course in inclusion.

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