Why and how to make a professional retraining?

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Have your professional goals or outlook on life changed? Have you discovered any new interests? Would you like to earn more money or have more flexible hours?

Before deciding, it is important to take the time to assess your current situation, explore your professional options, decide if your career needs to be reviewed and then choose the job that best suits you.

Professional retraining: why change jobs?

The culture of working for life no longer exists and people change careers several times during their working life.

Here are the reasons why a career change may be a good option:

  • Your current career arrived there, a little by chance and was not necessarily the subject of a conscious decision on your part.
  • You are not using your full potential. You know you can do better in another area.
  • You are at an impasse. You need a steeper learning curve to feel fulfilled.
  • Your former career no longer corresponds to the evolution of your situation. You have moved to another region in a new job market, for example.
  • The future of your industry is bleak. Your company has been restructured and that does not suit you. Changes in personnel have changed the perception you have of your work, etc.
  • You need to improve your financial situation.
  • You’ve spent the last 10 years dreaming of being a journalist, lawyer or sound engineer.

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Professional retraining: how to change jobs?

Professional retraining, how to go about it? The answers:

Assess current job satisfaction

What aspects of your current job do you like (or dislike)? Are your dissatisfactions directly related to the exercise of your work, the culture of your company or the people with whom you work?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you will see that there are some things you can do in your current job to help you prepare for your career transition.

Assess interests, values ​​and skills

Review the roles, volunteer work, projects and jobs you’ve done in the past to identify the activities and skills you like best and are good at.

Determine if your core values ​​and skills are reflected in your current career.

Consider other careers

Find alternative career ideas by researching career options and talking about your core values ​​and skills with your friends, family and professional network.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, consider meeting with a career counselor for professional advice.

Check job opportunities

Do a comparative evaluation of different areas of activity.

You will find all the necessary information online by typing the jobs that interest you on Google.

Do an observation internship

Observe professionals in your field of interest to see how they work.

Your school can help you find professionals willing to take on interns.

To try

Identify volunteer and freelance activities related to your target field to test your interest.

For example, if you’re considering a career in journalism, try writing a newsletter for a nonprofit. If you want to work with animals, volunteer at an animal shelter…

Take courses

Complete the training that will allow you to make the link with your chosen field.

Consider taking evening classes, one-day or weekend seminars. Contact professional groups in your target area for more information.

Improve your skills

Develop new skills in your current job. There are ways to position yourself for a career change without having to go back to school!

Consider a new job in the same sector

There may be other positions in your current industry that you would like to pursue.

For example, if you are a graphic designer and you do not thrive enough in your work, apply for a position as a multimedia designer. If you’re a developer and don’t want to code anymore, consider digital project management!

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