Why insure your bike?


Both ecological and economical, the bicycle is the increasingly popular means of transport in the city to get to work, go to university, practice sports or for pleasure.

Its regular practice allows you to stay healthy, strengthen your muscles, boost your energy and reduce daily stress.

But be careful, the cyclist is vulnerable and must know how to protect himself. Therefore, bicycle insurance is essential for journeys with a light mind. And we explain why.

Why bike insurance?

Investing in a bicycle is good for your health and your wallet, but what if an accident occurs on the way to work, to university or during a ride?

Even if you are attentive and careful, no one is safe from a puncture, failing brakes, a bent wheel, or even an accident or theft.

Each year, the number of cyclists increases and the number of accidents with them.

These things are never very pleasant, but if it happens, stay cool and don’t worry, because there is a solution to protect you and stay calm: bike insurance.


Is bicycle insurance compulsory?

The cyclist is a road user in the same way as motorcycles, cars or trucks. Like everyone else, he is subject to compliance with the highway code but insurance is not compulsory (except for rare exceptions such as electric bicycles which exceed 25km/h).

You may already have civil liability. However, the latter will compensate the other party but not you in the event of an accident.

The costs can be particularly high and this is where taking out bicycle insurance can be beneficial for you. It is strongly recommended to protect against these risks and cover you in all circumstances.

Attention !

Electric bike, cargo bike, folding bike… whatever the model of the bike, the presence of a motor implies the subscription of a bike insurance.

Is my bike already insured in case of theft?

Generally, your bike is covered by your multi-risk home insurance (MRH) against the risk of theft and damage caused to third parties, provided that it is declared with your movable property to your insurer when taking out the contract.

However, nocturnal or non-break-in thefts are not systematically covered by insurance. These restrictions are included in the terms of your insurance contract. Read carefully the guarantees taken out in order to drive with complete peace of mind!

What type of insurance can I take out?

Depending on the category of your bike, you must provide insurance to be compensated in the event of a claim.

  • Mechanical bicycle insurance (ex: Solex)
  • Electrically assisted bicycle (VAE), all-terrain bicycle (MTB), city bicycle and racing bicycle insurance
  • cargo bike insurance
  • Folding bike insurance
  • Etc…

What guarantees should you choose to effectively protect your bike?

You went shopping and when you got back your bike disappeared? Do not panic ! To secure your bike, be sure to put on a good lock or take out bike insurance.

Thanks to this insurance, you will benefit from cover in the event of theft, break-in or attempted theft.

  • Bodily injury and property damage

Your bike was stolen and you found it broken? Was your bike damaged in a road accident? No worries ! Bike insurance will compensate you for the repair of your bike, but also for any care you should receive.

  • Breakdown on the road or puncture

In the event of a breakdown, battery problem, wheel puncture or other incident that prevents you from continuing your journey, the bicycle insurance takes care of your repatriation by taxi or by a tow truck.

Want bike insurance? Trust our partner Sharelock

To accompany you on a daily basis, HEYME joins forces with Sharelock ; benchmark player in bicycle insurance; to help you protect yourself against the possible risks linked to the usual use of your bike.

This partnership offers the possibility of covering any type of bicycle (mechanical, folding, electric, etc.), night and day, and everywhere in Europe (including Switzerland).

All this for an affordable price:

  • Flight from €0.50/month (or €5.68/year)
  • Theft, breakage and vandalism from €1/month (or €11.25/year)

Accidental damage, theft, breakage… whatever the risk, different guarantees are available to you so you can choose the ones that best meet your needs and expectations.

To benefit from it, the following conditions must be met:

  • Have bought your bike less than 5 years ago and have an identification number
  • Have a certified padlock
  • Have the proof of purchase of your bike and your lock

The price of the insurance is calculated on the basis of the value of your bike, including the accessories and the lock (except speedbikes).

Additional services are offered. For example, you can access shared padlock terminals in several cities. For 0.5€ the mobile application allows you to always keep an eye on your bike, and to be automatically compensated in the event of theft (which has never happened to date).

Cycling is unquestionably the most popular mode of transport for students and the fastest in town. Good for air quality as much as for the quality of life of cyclists, it avoids wasting time in traffic jams or parking.

The subscription of a bicycle insurance is highly recommended for optimal protection on any trip!

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