Will ChatGPT save cryptocurrencies? AI attacking smart contracts

Tweet from Conor Rogan showing the power of GPT-3.5 with smart contracts.

AI to the rescue of DeFi – I’artificial intelligence (AI) is booming, and its fields of application are constantly expanding. The cryptocurrency sector, more specifically smart contractscould turn out to be an area where AI could play a role. major role.


ChatGPT: the revolution in terms of AI

The rise of artificial intelligence has seen a major turning point with the advent of ChatGPTthe conversational intelligence developed by Open AI.

ChatGPT is a language processing and generation model that relies on a huge textual database to produce consistent and meaningful responses. ChatGPT was unveiled at the end of 2022 and has seen unprecedented growth. Indeed, the app got off to the best start ever, gaining its first million users in only 5 days. But ChatGPT is not limited to conversation. Indeed, the program is also able to understand and write computer code.

On March 14, OpenAI has unveiled GPT-4 : there Last update of his model. After only a few hours of testing, users have shown that the results are once again stunning. GPT-4 showed cimpressive abilities in processing different types of input, including converting images, audio files, and videos to text. Additionally, GPT-4 can understand more nuanced instructions and be more creative and reliable than previous versions.

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Securing smart contracts with GPT-4

AI seems to be able to help all areas. With this in mind, cryptocurrencies are not left behind. Last February, we were already discussing the possibility of using ChatGPT in flaw detection in smart contracts.

The results of GPT-3 were already extremely promising. However, those of GPT-4 seem to set the bar much higher. Thus, developers could rely on theAI to secure their applications and avoid losing huge sums to hacks.

The detection of flaws in smart contracts is a major challenge for the cryptocurrency sector. For example, Conor Groganformer director of Coinbase, proposed a Ethereum smart contracts to GPT-3.5. The chatbot instantly pointed several security vulnerabilities and explained how the code could be exploited.

Tweet from Conor Rogan showing the power of GPT-3.5 with smart contracts.
Conor Rogan shows the power of GPT-3.5 – Source: Twitter

It is important to note that these results were obtained via GPT-3.5. As a result, it’s a safe bet that the new version of GPT-4 be able to offer even better results And more reliability.

An AI-powered smart contract flaw detection tool could be a game-changer in the Challenge. Indeed, decentralized finance faces a multitude of hacks, mostly caused by poorly audited code or a lack of auditing altogether. In 2022 alone, 3.8 billion dollars were stolen in DeFi hacks.

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Last Verdict

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