Will the Arbitrum airdrop make you rich? Check your ARB token eligibility

It is to everyone’s surprise that Arbitrum has just announced this morning the release of its token of governance, the ARB. A token which will be deployed on March 23 and which officially announces the opening of the CAD of Arbitrum.

This is an event that investors have been waiting for for months, even years. Arbitrum Foundation has just confirmed the official release of its governance token with the added bonus of a airdropwith the aim of rewarding its users.


An officially announced governance token

In recent months, the blockchain, the second layer (Layer 2) of the Ethereum network, has continued to grow in popularity and efficiency. But, unlike its neighbor Optimism, Arbitration still didn’t have a governance token.

A rather effective marketing argument, forcing users to use the network while waiting for a potential airdrop. Today it is confirmed, the ARB token will be launched next March 23 and will reward as an airdrop close to 600,000 wallets having interacted with the network. The price of the token is still unknown but from lots of informations were given to us.

10 billion tokens will be deployed with the following distribution:

  • 42% will be distributed to the Treasury of Arbitrum
  • 29% are reserved for Arbitrum Team and his advisors
  • 17% for the Investors
  • 11% for the Users
  • 1% for the CAD either, part of the projects built on the network
Table showing the distribution of Arbitrum governance tokens.
Distribution of the $ARB token – Source: https://docs.arbitrum.foundation/airdrop-eligibility-distribution

Arbitrum has partnered with Nansen with the goal of rewarding its users based on 14 eligibility criteria. The more an investor fulfills the criteria, the more he is rewarded in the form of tokens $ARB. In addition to this, users who were active before the arrival ofArbitrum Nitro see their number of collected tokens doubled. In order to check your eligibility, go to the official website of the Arbitrum Foundation: https://arbitrum.foundation/

Airdrop ARB how much
Example of allocation of ARB tokens

The token will serve as a governance lever for the network, with the aim of decentralizing decision-making power. Governance in the form of CAD highly valued in the DeFi ecosystem. programs of liquidity mining will also potentially be deployed in order to encourage users to use the network and contribute to the growth of Arbitrum.

Rather unexpected news that has delighted thousands of investors. Beyond that, it is a consecration for this blockchain which has not stopped evolving for almost 2 years. From now on, the network can count on its community to participate in decisions that will advance the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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