With Shibarium, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) takes on DeFi

The Shibarium finally open? – The lustrous hair and the nose in the air, your tokens Shiba Inu (SHIB) are ready for the long-awaited announcement? The lair of the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Canine will it soon open its doors? The rumors are getting louder and louder as the community grows impatient. Investigation in this lair of the same corner.


Shibarium, the paradise of memecoins ready to open its doors?

THE shibarium, realm of volatility, amusement park of memes. Memecoins are cryptos with no real function other than their ability to bring together huge communities. DOGETHE Elon Musk’s favorite crypto-doggie are at the head of the line followed by his disciples SHIB or BONK, the latest canine gem. Of the ” jokes » crypto which, far from hiding it, proclaims it loud and clear. And it pleases. However, to everyone’s surprise, some may end up finding real use. Or at least, something to excite their fans. This is the case of the Shiba Inu (SHIB).

The developers announced, now for several yearsthe upcoming release of their decentralized exchange, the Shibarium. However, it seems they have stumbled upon a bone, as development is lagging behind and causing an impatient community to languish. Nevertheless, the exit of this little canine paradise could well be closer than expected.

In effect, Shytoshi Kyosamathe main developer of the project, recently unveiled the future logo of the platform.

The Shibarium, a future decentralized exchange under development.  Ready to welcome all memecoins?
The Shibarium logo finally unveiled – Source: Twitter

Besides this very nice logo, what shiba-lovers sniff is the smell of finished work. Indeed, if the team is working on the design and aesthetics of the product, it is surely that the technical part is finished, right?

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) home almost complete

And, indeed, to the delight of aficionados of our four-legged companions, Shytoshi Kyosama confirmed on Telegram the end of development and the upcoming arrival of beta version. Without specifying a date, however.

shibarium logo shiba inu SHIB fin developpement
Shytoshi Kyosama confirms on Telegram the long-awaited end of Shibarium development – ​​Source: Twitter

It will therefore still take a little patience for users before they can set foot on this new platform. Because theopening of the Shibariumbuilt on a second-layer network ofEthereum, does not appear yet for just yet. Indeed, the team would need to breathe before welcoming the community.

Did the release of this logo simply give the community something to chew on? A bone that will otherwise be central in the Shibarium platform since the token BONE (bone in English) will be the spine. It will also be accompanied by the token LEASH (leaves in English), far from denoting too.

Despite the multiple delays, the Shibarium project seems to be progressing on the right track. So it’s a wow of relief for Shiba Inu fans. Fans who are therefore waiting for only one thing, to go for a walk with their SHIB tokens in order to explore the intricacies of this mysterious Shibarium. An exchange that is already asserting itself as the memecoins welcome house. Cryptos that could rightly be considered part of a niche sector.

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