Working in the office, soon to be ancient history?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard and revolutionized the way people work. The definition of the workplace has completely changed.

The question that arises is: in the years to come, is the office doomed to disappear? What about the post-lockdown office?

Telecommuting: what do employees think?

To deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and at the same time ensure business continuity in an efficient way, companies have set up teleworking and the experience has been a real success!

Faced with this success, many companies now want to normalize teleworking and no longer see the point of ensuring presence in the office.

And here are some figures that follow the survey “The expectations of the new generation on new ways of working” conducted by HEYME in collaboration with parella :

  • 50%, or 1 in 2 people, imagine working from home in the near future;
  • 58% of respondents would like to benefit from free and flexible days according to their wishes;
  • More than 1 in 3 people, or 39%, believe that teleworking improves productivity;
  • 2, as the number of days of teleworking that the respondents would like to have per week;
  • 63% say that working from home offers them far from negligible time flexibility.

The success of telework is also a question of harmony: 48% of respondents believe that it improves the balance between professional life and private life.

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Teleworking: a financial advantage for employees but not only…

Working on site or in the office is a financial constraint and it is not a surprise that 59% of those surveyed claim to save money (petrol, meals, etc.) by opting for teleworking.

In addition, 85% of those questioned believe that teleworking offers another crucial advantage: saving time, so no more wasting time making the famous daily “home/office” journey.

Another figure: 62%, like the percentage of people who say that teleworking allows them to benefit from more sleep time!

Other benefits of telecommuting

We can think that working at home presents several constraints, especially when you have children. But reality has proven otherwise.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of telecommuting.

Concentration is a major factor that directly impacts productivity.

In good conditions with a dedicated workspace and the right tools, working from home can boost your productivity.

Hybrid work modes are possible by ensuring work at home for a few days and face-to-face for more collaborative tasks on other days.

Other employees surveyed want to return to the office for many reasons:

The social and collaborative dimension of the office is a determining factor that makes some employees prefer presence in the office.

In fact, 90% of those surveyed believe that being in the office is essential in order to maintain a link between employees, by facilitating exchanges between colleagues in particular.

What will the organization of the workspace look like in the post-covid world?

The office is not doomed to disappear but its use will change. It will have to be adapted to the needs of companies and employees. Above all, it will be a space for creativity and collaboration. We will come and meet our team there to work together.

For more flexibility and agility and in order to control their real estate costs, many companies will turn to shared offices or coworking type contracts without commitments with adapted spaces such as meeting rooms, common areas… and others that will facilitate collaboration such as flex-offices.

Results of our part of the survey on “The expectations of the new generation at work”, carried out in collaboration with parella, consulting firm in office real estate. Find the complete results of the Parella 2021 barometer from 25/11/2021.

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