Young and déconfinés, a totally turned upside down sexuality?

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Download the results of our survey for free at the bottom of this article and discover all the answers of the 2042 respondents.

Due to confinement, our habits and social relationships have been disrupted. Sanitary rules and social distancing… Emotional and sexual relations have taken a big hit.

This confinement was for some the opportunity to discover or rediscover their body, their desires or their orientation.

Today the wearing of the mask is no longer obligatory and the curfew of ancient history! It’s high time to go clubbing and meet thousands of singles, like you, who are just waiting for one thing: to set the dance floor on fire!

An unconfined summer is freedom found, a new start to shake up your sexual habits or proudly assume your sexuality without complex. That’s it BE YOUNG TODAY !

HEYME student health insurance

HEYME, much more than a mutual fund for young people!

Mutual and insurance organization for students and young professionals, HEYME is made up of a young team aware of your needs and desires.

HEYME is committed to supporting you on a daily basis with simple, digital insurance solutions adapted to your lifestyle!

Various prevention and health promotion workshops are available to you becauseabove all, we are a big family.

It is with this in mind that we conducted a survey on the sexuality of young people to identify their practices and measure the impact of the health crisis on their sexual life.

A survey and figures!

This survey distributed throughout France allowed us to have a global vision of young people’s sexuality but also to improve our approach to sexual health in order to be able to meet the needs and expectations of our youth without taboos.

2042 respondents in an average age of 20.5 years, of which 51% are men, 47% women and 1% non-binary, participated in our survey.

The average age of first sexual intercourse is 16 and a half. 81% of young people questioned are heterosexual, 10% bisexual, 3% pansexual, 2% gay and 1% lesbian.

According to 34% respondents, social pressure was felt during their first time.

Sexual intercourse is not necessarily synonymous with penetration for 72% of young people and sexual practices are done in pairs for 89%, with three people for 14% and with more than 3 people for 5% of them.

Who says sex says prevention ! In 22% of cases, the condom is not used during sexual activities with a new partner. A percentage that reaches the 63%for oral sex.

63% of young people surveyed said they had taken an HIV test when they changed partners. PrEP is rarely used: 87% young people are unaware of its existence.

49% said they had only had one sexual partner in 2020, 49% claimed to have masturbated more and 46% resorted to buying sex toys during this time.

Sex toys have contributed to sexual fulfillment for 79% of our young respondents.

76% believe they will not have more partners once unconfined.

And the consent in all of that ? 92% of people questioned think they respected this concept during their first sexual intercourse.

56% of them ensure that their partner is consenting before and during the sexual act.

30% believe that their consent has been violated or not respected throughout their sexual life.

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